Becoming a trader is easy

Becoming a trader is easier than ever! In this article we look at how you can start trading in just a few simple steps. By learning how to trade, you’ll discover you can make your money work for you. Even with small amounts, like 100 or 200 pounds, you can obtain a nice result with stocks and Forex.

Trading is easy with user-friendly software

Because there is more and more user-friendly software available on the market, trading is easier than ever before. The software of Plus500 is a good example of this. Plus500 is a large broker which you can use to issue orders for buying and selling CFD stocks, commodities and currency pairs.

Within the software you can easily find the investment product that you want to trade in. As soon as you find what you are looking for, you can choose to buy or sell it. When you buy an instrument you obtain a positive result when the value goes up and by selling (shorting) you can obtain a positive result when the value goes down.

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Trading is easy... but successful trading?

A lot of people ask me why there aren’t more people trading if it is so simple. I explain that while becoming a trader is easy, without the right mindset it’s very hard for most people to become successful traders. From my own experience and the experience of many other traders, it’s not your strategy but your way of thinking and the way you are that will determine your results.

When you give ten people a strong system, each of those ten people will yield a different result. This is because we all work with different values, emotions and personal characteristics. As soon as you know what your strong and weak points are as a trader, you can become a lot more successful than the average trader.

Lose to win

An important quality of a successful trader is that he or she is prepared to lose. By taking a loss, you make sure that your money doesn’t evaporate because of one wrong move. On the other hand, it’s important that you maximize your profits as much as you can.

You can determine where you will take your profit and where you will take your loss. For example, you take the lowest point and the highest point to determine where you take your profit and your loss. You take your loss with a so-called stop loss, which ensures you don’t lose a lot of money. A stop loss can help to limit your losses if the market suddenly goes down. Trading is more about limiting your losses and maximizing your profits than anything else.

Remember: you can always lose money. So be prepared for that!

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