Is Plus500 a scam?

On the internet you increasingly come across people who ask: Is Plus500 a scam? For us this is a strange question because Plus500 is one of the best-known and most respectable CFD brokers available online. The question will come up, however, due to the growing popularity of investing in CFDs and the ignorance that people still have about this manner of investing.

It also surprises us that people can be found on the internet who are of the opinion that Plus500 is a scam. This is far from the truth, but to show why the claim that Plus500 is scam is untrue, we have delved deeper into the accusations made by some people online.

Properties of a reliable broker

When you invest money with an online broker it is logical to worry about reliability. Someone could just set up a fake website with the aim of scamming people. Therefore, when choosing an online broker it is wise to pay attention to some features that demonstrate the reliability of the site.

Plus500 in fact has more of these features than most other brokers offering their services online. For example, Plus500 is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. This is an independent body that very closely monitors the behaviour of financial institutions in Europe.

An additional feature that demonstrates the reliability of Plus500 is the fact that it is listed on the stock exchange. Because Plus500 stock is available on the London Stock Exchange, the company must be transparent about its practices. As a listed company, it must also comply with a whole range of additional legal requirements.

Plus500 scam

Claims that money has not been paid for Plus500

When you search the Internet for Plus500 scams, you come across some people who claim that that their money has not been paid. Plus500 reports, however, that these people have abused the conditions of the broker. For example, they have created multiple accounts or have created an account with false data. If this comes to light, Plus500 closes the account of these people.

There are also claims online that investing in CFDs would not be fair at Plus500. This is mainly due to the ignorance of people about this way of investing. After all, investing in CFDs is not the same as standard investing in stock. On our website you can read more information about investing in CFDs with brokers like Plus500.

Why we fully recommend Plus500

Once you are familiar with the risks and the way in which you invest in CFDs, Plus500 is a very good broker. We can fully recommend Plus500 to everyone.

Features of the brokers that provide this include:

  • Easy-to-use software and the ability to create a free demo account.
  • You can easily trade in hundreds of stocks & currencies.
  • Finally, there are the low transaction costs and no commissions.

All this ensures that Plus500 is one of the best brokers for trading in CFDs. Click here to open a free (demo) account with Plus500>>

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