What is the best cryptocurrency broker?

Cryptocurrencies are booming. The prices sometimes rise extremely fast and this makes it interesting to invest in cryptocurrencies. In this article we look at what good cryptocurrency brokers are where you can trade in known cryptocurrencies like the Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple.

Plus500 as cryptocurrency broker

Plus500 is a broker where it is possible to speculate via CFDs on a price increase or price decrease of different cryptocurrencies. Click here to open a free demo account with Plus500 right away >> (Availability subject to regulation)

What makes Plus500 a good cryptocurrency broker?

  • You can try out the possibilities as much as you want for free with a demo account.
  • You do not pay fixed commissions when trading in cryptocurrencies.
  • You can apply a leverage to your investments, which increases the potential.
  • The offer is very extensive: all known coins are present.

Offer at Plus500

  • Bitcoins: of course with Plus500 you can invest in the most famous currency.
  • Ethereum: Ethereum is also present at this broker.
  • Litecoin: the little brother of the bitcoin can also be bought & sold at Plus500.
  • Dash: with Dash, confirming transactions is faster.
  • Ripple: this is a not entirely decentralized digital currency.
  • NEO: this crypto tradable at Plus500 is particularly popular in Asia.
  • IOTA: a very interesting, just emerging crypto is IOTA.
  • Monero: this crypto is very popular among people who consider privacy important.
  • Bitcoin gold & Bitcoin cash: these forks of bitcoin are also tradable.

Markets.com as a cryptocurrency broker

An alternative to Plus500 as a cryptocurrency broker is Markets.com. At Markets.com you can also easily invest in, for example, the bitcoin. An advantage of Markets.com versus Plus500 is the fact that you can also use MetaTrader at Markets.com. With MetaTrader it is possible to apply more advanced analyzes to, for example, the bitcoin.

By applying these advanced analyses, you can make predictions about the course by analyzing patterns. Also at Markets.com you can try out the possibilities through a demo. It may therefore be worthwhile to try out investing in cryptocurrencies at both brokers: that way you can discover quickly enough through experience which party you like better.

Click here to open a free account at Markets.com >>


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