Independent investing

If you want to invest (a part of) your assets, you can choose how you want to do this. You can use an investment fund to invest your money, but you can also choose to actively invest independently. For more information about investing yourself, you can read on this page. Do you doubt whether investing is something for you? Then you will find out soon enough after reading this article.

The benefits of investing yourself

Investing your money yourself has several benefits. The first advantage of investing yourself is that you have control over your investment behaviour. If you let an expert invest your money for you, then you give the reins to someone else. When you are in control yourself, you can determine completely independently what you want and do not want to do with your money.

You can also determine how much money you want to invest. If you invest in a fund, then certain conditions are attached to this. You can choose what you want to invest in, but you have to meet the conditions of the fund.

Finally, you can learn a lot from investing your money yourself. If you’d like to delve into the world of investing, we advise you to invest your money independently. If you invest in a fund, you do not learn as much as the independent investor who makes his or her own investment decisions.

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Independent investing

The disadvantages of investing yourself

Unfortunately, investing your assets yourself also has some disadvantages. The first disadvantage of investing yourself is that this is not easy. Before you can start investing, you need to delve deeply into the investment world. You only earn a lot of money as an independent investor if you know exactly what you are doing.

In addition, investing your money independently takes a lot of time. You have to continuously monitor the market, to align your investment actions with recent market developments. You are not finished when you have invested in a specific investment product, but instead you are constantly working on your investments.

It is therefore advisable to read through a tutorial before you start investing independently.

Investing yourself: 3 important tips

Are you convinced of the benefits of investing your money independently? Then read the three tips below to invest your capital in the right way.

  • Tip 1: know what you are investing in. Before you invest your assets in an investment product, you will immerse yourself in this product. Only when you know exactly what kind of product it is, should you choose to invest your assets in this investment product.
  • Tip 2: spread your investments. If you spread the portfolio, you spread your risk. If anything bad happens with the one investment product, this loss is compensated for by the profit of other investments.
  • Tip 3: avoid emotional investing. You will not make the right investment decisions if you are angry, sad, depressed or very happy. That is why you should avoid investing altogether if you feel that way.

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