Start trading right away

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  • You pay no commissions.
  • No negative balance: you can’t lose more than your trading balance.
  • You can obtain a positive result when prices are falling by going short.
  • You can use leverage to increase your potential profits (and losses).
  • Trade in CFD stock, Forex (currencies), commodities and index funds.

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How does opening a trading account work?

How can you benefit from trading?

  • When the price goes up you earn by buying.
  • When the price goes down you earn by selling.

Is trading safe?

You can’t lose more than your trading balance and with a free demo account, you are trading completely risk-free! The broker will even give you a registration bonus, so you can try out trading*. You can discover if trading is something for you, without the risk of losing more than your balance. Click here to learn more about the safety of brokers.

Obtain a positive result in every market situation

The amazing feature of online trading is that you can always obtain a positive result, even when the market prices are going down. Modern brokers offer you something that is called shorting, which allows you to obtain a positive result when the prices go down. Bad news doesn’t necessarily mean bad news for you. You can even speculate on it! Read here how you can speculate when the market goes down.

Why trade online?

  • By using orders you can automatically buy or sell at certain levels.
  • You can short; even negative news can bring you a positive result!
  • You can start trading right away and the software is easy to understand.
  • Try trading for free with a demo account and ‘play-money’.
  • Receive a sign-up bonus* that you can use to earn money.
  • With leverage, you can increase your profit potential.
  • You are protected: you never lose more than you put down.
  • You pay no commissions when you trade.
  • Opening an account only takes a few minutes.

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