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make money tradingDo you want to start trading or are you already a professional trader? Either way, you’re in the right place! Within this knowledgebase you will find interesting, fun and useful articles about trading.

Three steps to success

Trading is great! Look at it as a game that can make you incredibly rich. Millions of people try to predict the price of securities and influence this price as well. When it comes to trading psychology, the news and technical analysis are all important factors. As a novice trader you can get good results by using a well-balanced strategy that takes all the risks into account.

In our CFD category you can read a lot more about this new way of trading, which you can use to trade commodities, Forex, index funds and stocks with a broker. Our extensive list of brokers allows you to compare the best brokers and get started right away!

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Who trades in futures?

Read moreBesides Forex, there are still a lot of liquid markets that traders can make money from. One of these markets is the futures market. Futures are being traded on every exchange, both by hedgers and by speculators. This is because of the liquidity and the amount of options… Read more..

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What are pips?

Read morePips are used to show the profitability of a trade. In some cases it is enough to show the profitability in a certain currency. However, using one currency is not feasible if you want to compare the results of several (international) traders. The trade is noted in a certain… Read more..

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What are derivatives?

Read moreAre you looking for higher than average returns? Then shares or bonds might not be the best choice for you. With derivatives you can potentially achieve higher returns. In this article you can read everything you need to know about derivatives. We discuss what derivatives… Read more..

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What is slippage?

Read moreSlippage happens when the price falls below your limit or stop order. For example, if you have set a position to automatically close when the AEX closes at 330 points, but the trade closes at 331. You have a higher loss than expected with the stop loss that you had in place.… Read more..

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