How safe is trading?

A lot of people ask if trading is safe. In this article, we discuss how safe trading is with brokers such as Plus500 and

How safe is trading?

Trading is 100% safe. When you open a demo account, you can never lose money. Once you start trading with real money, you can never lose more than your trading balance.

  • safe tradingYou can never lose more than your trading balance!
  • Your money is safe and is stored in a separate bank account.
  • The brokers are overseen by financial regulators.

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Can I lose more than your trading balance?

A lot of people ask if you can lose more than your trading balance when trading. Fortunately, this isn’t possible. When you don’t have enough money in your account, you get a margin call. You have the option to add more money, but if you don’t, the position is automatically closed and you can’t lose any more money.

Brokers use the margin call to protect you, as you can never lose more than your trading balance. Even when the price goes off the chart, you don’t pay for it. The broker will lose, but these costs aren’t deducted from your account.

It’s recommended that you use stop loss. This way, you can limit your losses on every position you open.

Is Plus500 reliable?

Plus500 is a reliable broker. It has a license from the Financial Conduct Authority, the English watchdog for financial markets. Plus500’s clients’ money is stored in a special bank account, ensuring that clients’ money is not used for speculative purposes. In the article on the reliability of Plus500, we talk more specifically about the reliability of Plus500.

Tip: Deposits of up to 50,000 pounds at Plus 500 are insured by the FSCS.

Is reliable? is also a very reliable broker. It is regulated by the CySEC/FSA/AFM/CBFA and amounts of up to 20,000 pounds are covered by insurance. Account balances are stored at the Royal Bank of Scotland in London, with a Triple AAA rating. Your money is absolutely safe with

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