Online stock trading – Learn how to invest online!

Would you like to start investing? Thanks to the Internet each one of us can easily start investing at an online broker. But how does this exactly work? On you can read all you need to know before managing your first investments and making your first trades.

How do you invest online?

All you need to invest online is an account with a broker. What kind of account you need depends a on your investment plans.

Do you prefer active trading?

Some people prefer active trading by investing in for example derivatives. The best place to open an account in this case would be the broker Plus500. Plus500 namely allows you to place orders on increasing and falling markets by means of CFD's. A big advantage of this broker is the possibility to try and test all features and functionalities free of charge via a demo.

Plus500 register

Would you like to buy shares?

Would you rather prefer to physically trade for example shares? In this case the best decision to take is to open an account at an online broker. Our ‘best broker overview’ shows you the best places to start your investment quest. Find below an overview of the best the best brokers according to our test:

degiro boroker
DEGIRO: DEGIRO offers investments at very competitive rates. Thanks to the user-friendly software opening your first share order is completed in the blink of an eye. 
Order 1000: £5Order 10.000: £5, 80
Flatex broker
eToro:  buying shares at eToro is free of charge: indeed 100% completely free of charge. At all times, their specialized customer service is there to answer your questions.
Order 1000: 0, 00Order 10.000: 0

Start investing: what you can do?

The key to successful investing is to practice when you start. Don’t take it for granted that you were born an ingenious investor. Most people are losing money when investing and the main cause is their lack of knowledge. It is therefore of crucial importance to read a lot about investing and to only invest in products which you understand.

A proper way to practice your investment skills is by opening a free demo at a broker. By means of a free demo you will be able to simulate a stock exchange one-to-one. It will allow you to try various investment strategies without running into risks. Interested to find out the best places to open a free demo? Use the below button:

demo trading

Learn how to invest: learn the key principles of online investments

It is of crucial importance to apply a good strategy when you start investing. Thanks to some useful courses you can learn how to invest. Make use of our free eBook ‘how to make your first 500 euros by investing’. Registration for this book is free via the below button:

Would you like to take a quick investment start? Our investment tutorial will tell you all about investments from A to Z, so being an investor you will immediately understand all the ins and outs to take a flying and successful investment start. Would you like to learn more about the different analysis types? Don’t hesitate to use one of our specific courses:

Cheap investments are crucial

Many starting investors don’t pay attention to the costs. Nevertheless, high costs can ruin your investment results. It’s therefore of crucial importance to look for the cheapest investment broker. In the long term this might save you several tens of thousands of euros. Would you like to know the cheapest places to invest? Use our special tool:

compare costs

What to invest in?

When ready to invest, you also need to know what to invest in. Take a look below and read all about the different assets you can trade in.

Investing in shares

Investing in or trading shares is of course one of the most popular investments. When buying a share, you become a co-owner of the company, although probably only for a small part. Because share prices fluctuate continuously and sometimes strongly, good results can be achieved when using these trends in a smart way.    

Click here to read more about buying shares > >

Investing in derivatives

Derivatives are the perfect investment for each person who likes a bit of speculation. By means of derivatives, a leverage can be used to speculate on increasing or falling prices. This means you can seriously and rapidly increase your return on investment or your loss. Speculation is the daredevil’s way of investing.

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Investing in options

Another speculation favorite are options. Options allow you to buy the right to buy a share at a certain price in exchange for a premium. When you trade options in a smart way, they can also be used to protect your portfolio.

Click here to read more about options > >

Investing in bonds

Bonds are the perfect investment for the low risk investor. The bond is a debt security. When the maturity date is reached the bond will be paid back and at fixed intervals you will receive an interest. Bonds are a stable, but also a boring investment.

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Investing in cryptocurrencies

Hot & happening are the cryptocurrencies. Online coins like the Bitcoin or Ethereum are subject to strong price fluctuations. By investing in them at the right moment, you can achieve huge returns on investment. Would you also like to try investing in cryptocurrencies?

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Investing in commodities

By means of contracts, you can invest in commodities like gold and silver. But did you know you can also invest in coffee and sugar prices? The commodity prices are often closely linked to and dependent on the global economy.

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Investing in Forex

International currency prices are continuously fluctuating. Forex trading is also suitable for the more novice trader, since the patterns are easy to predict.

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Investment risks

Keep in mind, investing always goes hand in glove with risks. There is always the risk to lose money or to even lose your full investment. It is therefore of crucial importance to read about the investment world and to only invest money which can be missed. Besides, only invest in products which you know and understand.