Trading online? Find out how!

Trading is exciting and profitable, especially when you use all the new possibilities that are available these days. With modern brokers you can make a decent amount of money even if you have a small budget and no experience. On this website you will find all the information you need to become a successful trader.

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Compare brokers: Which is the best broker?

Do you want to give trading a shot? Open a free (demo) account with one of the following brokers and try it out right away! We have extensively tested several brokers and created a list of the best and cheapest brokers available on the market. Our tips: click to sign-up for free…

Why trade online?

  • Trading online is cheaper than traditional trading.
  • Trading is 100% safe as brokers have licenses with financial watchdogs.
  • You can try out trading for free using a demo.
  • You can profit in bad times as well by shorting, so you can always make money!
  • You never lose more than you put down.

Getting started in three steps:

Who trades online?

  • Martijn Luijckx Forex trader"Forex trading is really fun. By working on developing the right trader's mindset you can significantly increase your chances of success. Add to this iron discipline and sound money management and before you know it you will be among the 5% of traders who are (consistently!) profitable." - Martijn Luijckx, DutchCoast Traders

  • Wim money trader"I've read Alex's e-book (Earn Your First 500 Euros Trading). It's short but very relevant. Then I actually started trading currency (euros and US dollars) and I had a net profit after about 10 trades." - Wim Leegwater

  • Alex professional trader"In my opinion, the beauty of Forex & trading is that anyone can do it. It doesn't matter if you are young, old, black, green or blue; no one is excluded and everyone can earn money doing it. I would advise everyone to try trading with a demo account." - Alex Mostert

  • Meike trading experience"I find Forex trading so interesting because with a good strategy you can make an enormous profit. The 2% interest you get on your savings account is nothing in comparison!" - Meike Molenberg

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Trading online: a clear guide

The interest rate paid on savings accounts no longer compensates for the effect of the annual inflation, which causes our money to become less valuable. There do not seem to be and good alternatives…
  • Want to learn how to trade in just 30 minutes? In our 'Learn to Trade Profitably at Plus500' tutorial, you can read about everything you need to get started trading stocks, commodities and Forex; a fast start is half the battle.

  • Trading is done with a so-called broker. A broker is a party that enables you to buy or sell stocks, Forex and commodities. We tested different brokers: see the results here and find out which broker is best for you!

  • I began trading for free myself. By starting with a free demo, I discovered the possibilities trading had to offer. Would you like to start trading for free, too? It's possible! Click here to learn how you can start right away for free

  • Many people find trading quite difficult at first; fortunately it's easy once you know what to do. A good start is reading the eBook I wrote especially for the novice trader: you can download the eBook here