Bonds course & articles

Bonds are a relatively safe choice and can be used as support for a successful trading portfolio. With a bond you lend money to governments and companies and in return you receive a certain amount of interest. In this section you will find a brief course in trading bonds, so you can start trading bonds right away.

The course in trading bonds covers:

What is a bond?

Read moreA bond is a loan issued by a government or company. Bonds are basically debt instruments where the borrower agrees on a certain interest rate beforehand, which it pays to the loaning party or parties. Bonds have their share of risks, as do all financial instruments. When are… Read more..

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Buying bonds

Read moreBefore you buy bonds you should know what a bond is and how you can make money trading bonds. Then all you need to decide is how you’ll be buying your bonds. Buying individual bonds The first option is buying individual bonds. Bonds can be bought with most internet brokers,… Read more..

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Investing in bonds

Read moreWhen you understand what a bond is you can start investing in bonds. In this article we take a look at the most important features of investing in bonds. Features of investing in bonds The following factors are important if you are going to buy a bond: Coupon interest rate:… Read more..

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