Compare brokers: Which is the best broker?

Do you want to give trading a shot? Open a free (demo) account with one of the following brokers and try it out right away! We have extensively tested several brokers and created a list of the best and cheapest brokers available on the market.

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Plus500: easy to use & comprehensive

Plus500 is one of the most popular brokers on the internet – and for good reason! Plus500 separates itself from the competition with its easy-to-use software that can be used online. Within the software of Plus500, you open positions quickly and easily, and because you can trade with a free demo account you can practice before you start trading with real money.

Why Plus500? vinkje Very user-friendly software  comprehensive selection of securities vinkje Free demo account vinkje With Plus500 you receive a free demo of 40.000 euro/40.000 pounds.

Thanks to the innovative demo software of Plus500, you can try the possibilities of trading without risk. Open an account now >>> 76,4% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

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The software of the most popular broker Plus500: user-friendly & in English trade professionally

A big advantage of is the fact that you can use all kinds of complicated analysis tools. One downside to is that you cannot trade as many stocks as you can with Plus500; the number of securities is quite limited. offers an extensive range of software packages and possibilities that enable anyone to start trading with this broker. It is also possible to open up a free demo account with, and when you open an account through you also receive a free, no-deposit bonus of 20 pounds. Open up an account >>>

Why vinkje Uses advanced analysis tools  vinkje English support  vinkje Free demo account vinkje  With you receive a free, no-deposit bonus of 25 euro/20 pounds.

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ZuluTrade: trade automatically

You can use a broker like ZuluTrade in addition to a broker such as Plus500 or It can be very useful to follow other traders and by applying this brand-new method you can earn money on autopilot!

It is very simple to select good traders within ZuluTrade. The trades will be opened automatically in your own account. It is possible to try these options through a demo; by doing so you can discover how much money you can earn with ZuluTrade, without any risks involved!  Open a risk-free (demo)account now >>

Why ZuluTrade? vinkje Make money automatically vinkje No effort vinkje free demo account  vinkje user-friendly

ZuluTrade trading broker