How to buy ASMI stocks (2024) – invest in ASMI

Would you like to buy ASMI stocks? In this article, you can discover how to buy ASMI shares and check the latest stock price of the company.

Where can you buy ASMI stocks?

If you have confidence in ASMI and believe that its stock price will continue to rise in the long term, you can consider investing in ASMI stocks for the long term. Below, you can see which brokers allow you to buy ASMI stocks:

eToro buy stocksBuy ASMI without commissions. Your capital is at risk. Other fees may apply.
Plus500 trade stocksSpeculate with CFD's on increasing & decreasing prices of ASMI! 82% of retail CFD accounts lose money.
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What makes it interesting to buy ASMI stocks?

  • Strong position in the semiconductor industry: ASMI is a strong player in the growing semiconductor market and is particularly known for its wafer processing.
  • Technological innovation: ASMI invests a significant amount in R&D for semiconductor production.
  • Strategic collaborations: ASMI collaborates with other leading semiconductor manufacturers, which strengthens its market position.
  • Positive future outlook: With the emergence of new technologies like 5G and artificial intelligence, the demand for advanced electronic equipment is expected to increase.

What are the risks of investing in ASMI shares?

  • Market trends: During economic downturns, the demand for chips often temporarily decreases.
  • Intense competition: ASMI faces strong competition from companies like Applied Materials, Lam Research, and Tokyo Electron.
  • Technological advancements: Technology evolves rapidly, and the products ASMI delivers today may become obsolete tomorrow. ASMI must continually reinvent itself.
  • Supply chain: Disruptions in the supply chain can put pressure on ASMI’s deliveries.

Who are ASMI’s major competitors?

  • Lam Research
  • Tokyo Electron
  • ASML Holding
  • KLA Corporation
  • Teradyne

How to buy ASMI stocks?

  • Register with a broker: You can buy ASMI stocks through a stockbroker. Curious about reliable brokers? Click here to compare the options!
  • Activate your account: Activate your account by (1) answering a questionnaire, (2) uploading a copy of your passport, and (3) providing proof of your address.
  • Deposit funds: Deposit sufficient funds into your investment account to invest in ASMI stocks.
  • Buy ASMI stock: Search for the ASMI stock within the investment platform and enter the amount you want to invest. With a market order, you can buy the stocks immediately, and with a limit order, you can set a maximum price you are willing to pay.

What is the current stock price of ASMI?

Curious about the current stock price of ASMI? In the graph below, you can see how ASMI stocksperform. Moreover, you can use the buy & sell buttons to start trading ASMI stocks right away.

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

Company information of ASMI

Below, you can find the key company information of ASMI.

ASMI stock prices over the last 5 days

In the table below, you can see the stock prices of ASMI over the last 5 days:

Should you buy ASMI stocks?

The demand for chips is expected to continue rising, which can make ASMI an interesting investment. Despite the positive outlook, it is important to compare ASMI with its competitors.This allows you to determine if ASMI can stay ahead of the competition as technology advances.

Since ASMI is a technology stock, its performance is highly cyclical. The stock price is therefore volatile, so decide for yourself if this is a concern. Not all stocks are equally suitable for every type of investor.


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