How to buy ASML shares (2024) – price & analysis

Would you like to invest in ASML stocks ? Discover how to invest in ASML shares and study the current ASML stock price.

How to buy ASML stocks?

Computer chips will become increasingly important, and ASML is positioned well to benefit from this trend. For their success, it is critical that they can continue to protect their secrets, since hackers have tried to steal them before.

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What is the current ASML stock price?

Are you curious about the current price of ASML shares? Below, you can see a graph with the latest ASML stock price. You can also place an order directly.

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Corporate data of ASML

Below, you can see the main corporate data of ASML.

Stock prices of the last 5 days

In the table below, you can see the stock prices of ASML over the last 5 days:

Why could it be advantageous to buy ASML stocks?

  • Dominant position: ASML has a dominant position in the semiconductor market, which allows the company to charge high prices for its products.
  • Global presence: ASML operates in more than 60 countries, and there are also sufficient further growth opportunities.
  • Collaborations: ASML has entered into strategic collaborations with other semiconductor companies such as Intel, Samsung, and TSMC.
  • Strong financial position: ASML has built up a strong financial position, with its profitability still increasing.

These are the biggest risks of investing in ASML stocks

  • Dependency: A large portion of ASML’s revenue comes from several key customers such as TSMC, Samsung, and Intel.
  • Technological risk: semiconductor technology is constantly evolving. If ASML fails to innovate, the company may lose its leading position.
  • Geopolitical risks: government interference can put pressure on the company’s results. For example, the Dutch government blocked the delivery of certain products to China.
  • Competition: Despite being the market leader, ASML still faces strong competition.
  • Hackers: Hackers can steal and duplicate the ‘secrets’ of the ASML company.

What are the biggest competitors of ASML?

  • Nikon
  • Canon
  • Applied Materials
  • Toyo Electron
  • Lam Research

How to invest in ASML stocks?

  1. Sign up with a stockbroker: You need an account with a broker to buy ASML shares.
  2. Activate: Follow the steps within your investment account to activate it.
  3. Deposit money: Calculate the amount you want to invest in ASML shares. You can easily deposit money via credit card or bank transfer with most brokers.
  4. Select ASML share: Navigate within the investment platform to the ASML share and enter the amount you want to invest.
  5. Buy: Press buy to purchase ASML shares immediately. With a stop loss or take profit , you can set moments to automatically close your investment position.

Stock analysis: Is it wise to invest in ASML?

An investment in ASML shares can certainly be a good choice. Large companies such as Samsung and Intel depend on the equipment produced by the company. Both companies have bought ASML shares, which is beneficial as it ensures loyal customers for ASML in the future.

Increasing demand

ASML shares can also perform well in the future: the demand for chips and technological solutions is increasing. If ASML manages to continue innovating, the company’s profitability can further increase. ASML expects that 160 trillion gigabytes of data will be created annually by 2025: many new chips are needed to handle all this data.

Here you can see a distribution between logic and memory-based chips for artificial intelligence and big data. For other processes, simpler, cheaper chips are needed, such as solutions for the internet of things. This development can of course be very beneficial for the profitability of ASML and can be a good reason to buy the shares.

Sustainable policy

Another good reason to buy ASML shares is its sustainable policy. Sustainability becomes increasingly important, and investors like to buy shares of companies that consider all stakeholders. If ASML continues this trend, it can further boost the stock price.

Potential mergers and acquisitions

The company is always seaking interesting mergers and acquisitions. This can also support the further development of the company.

ASML dividend

A final argument for buying ASML shares are the dividend payouts, which can help you to generate an income from your stock portfolio.

Hackers and Risks for ASML

A possible threat to ASML are hackers. After all, the company’s secrets are worth a lot. In the past, the company XTAL managed to steal the secrets of ASML. XTAL, however, was convicted and went bankrupt. They had to pay 865 million to ASML. Further protection of the servers against cyberattacks should be a priority for the company.

The Future

ASML is constantly investing in new technologies. Manufacturers of, for example, smartphones are therefore placing ever-increasing demands on chips. Fortunately, ASML is an innovative company; in 2024, machines will be available on the market that can lithograph up to 3 nanometres. This allows even more details to be added to chips.

Do you think ASML will continue to develop the best chip machines? Then buying ASML shares can certainly be a good decision.

What Does ASML Do?

ASML is a Dutch high-tech company with its headquarters and business complex in Veldhoven. The company is one of the most important suppliers of complex machines for the semiconductor industry, especially steppers and scanners used in chip manufacturing. Most of ASML’s customers are chip manufacturers.

ASML Stock Listing

Since 1995, the company has been listed under the symbol ASM on the AEX and NASDAQ. The main competitors are Nikon and Canon.

Should you vuy ASML Shares?

ASML shares have performed very well in the past ten years. This is not surprising; the demand for chips is increasing worldwide. ASML also has a unique position in the market and produces the machines needed to develop the latest chips.

However, there is a risk that ASML may not be able to grow as quickly due to geopolitical reasons. When governments restrict the export of chips, the company’s market opportunities decrease.

If you are looking for an attractive share that pays dividends and responds to the latest trends, ASML can be a good choice. Take the time to study the company’s financial situation before finally buying ASML shares.

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