How to buy Assa Abloy shares?

Assa Abloy is a large Swedish conglomerate that supplies security products. Would you like to invest in Assa Abloy? In this article, we discuss how you can best buy Assa Abloy shares.

How can you invest in Assa Abloy?

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Where can you buy Assa Abloy stocks?

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About the company Assa Abloy

The Swedish conglomerate Assa Abloy BV provides products and services such as keys, doors, gates and access automation. Access automation also includes identity verification by tags, cards, keys and mobile and biometric identification verification systems. The company is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden.

The history of Assa Abloy

The company came into being in 1994, when there was a merger between the Swedish company ASSA and the Finnish manufacturer of high security locks Abloy. This company grew quickly. A regional company became a global one. Between 1984 and 2018, the number of employees increased tenfold. The company is active in more than 70 countries worldwide.

Companies acquired

In May 1999, the German company Effeff Fritz Fuzz was acquired. This acquisition made it possible to enter the electromagnetic lock market. In 1999, the Israel-based company Mul-T-Lock was also acquired. This is a producer of very secure locks.

In 2000, Assa Abloy acquired the global lock group Yale Intruder Security. The acquisition doubled the size of the company. The acquisition of Assa Abloy HID in the same year added electronic identification to the company’s products.

Significant acquisitions for Assa Abloy are Besam, a Swedish company specializing in automatic entrance doors, and Fargo Electronics, a company specializing in developing systems to securely issue bank cards, credit cards, debit cards and identity cards.


Many more companies were acquired. Some examples are the 2009 acquisition of Ditec, an Italian manufacturer of door automation, and the 2013 acquisition of Mercor SA, a Polish manufacturer of fire and security doors. Lorient, a UK-based designer and manufacturer of high-quality door sealing systems, will be acquired in 2018. Biosite, also based in the UK, will be acquired in 2020. This is a technology company for biometric access and personnel management.

When Assa Abloy acquires other companies, it is smart to investigate whether this contributes to the company’s results. If you think the acquisitions are positive, it may be smart to buy Assa Abloy stocks.

A company with good prospects

This company has good prospects. In an increasingly urbanized world, there is a growing need for security and locking technologies that are more advanced than existing mechanical solutions. The trend in offices, businesses and hotels is towards secure digital access. A dynamic company like Assa Abloy can certainly benefit from this.

Over the past 5 years, before COVID-19, the company’s turnover grew by 10.5% each year. Profits were up 9% each year. Currently, the company is suffering from the global recession. Because of COVID-19. Once COVID-19 is over, sales and profits can continue to grow.

An investment in a modern company that responds to a modern trend can certainly be wise!


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