How to buy AXA shares (2024)? – invest in AXA stocks

AXA is one of the major multinational insurance companies. The company operates in various regions, which allows you to diversify your risks. In this article, you can learn how to buy AXA shares and examine the latest stock price.

How to buy AXA shares?

If you have confidence in the insurance industry and AXA’s acquisition strategy, it may be interesting to buy AXA shares. In the table below, you can see which brokers offer AXA shares at a competitive price:

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What is the AXA stock price?

Are you curious about the development of the AXA share price? In the graph below, you can see the price at which you can trade shares of AXA:

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AXA company information

Below, you can find the most important company information for AXA.

AXA stock analysis

Before deciding whether to buy or sell AXA stocks, it is essential to analyze the stock thoroughly. In the overview below, you can see how AXA performed over the past period.

Stock prices of AXA over the last 5 days

In the table below, you can see the stock prices of AXA for the last 5 days:

What will be the AXA share price in 2024?

Are you curious about what analysts think AXA will do in 2024 and in the following years? We have combined the predictions of analysts using data from Alpha Vantage. Remember that this number is just a prediction of the future share price of AXA and that it may not come true.

Why might it be appealing to buy AXA shares?

  • Global presence: AXA operates in more than 60 countries, which means that issues in one region do not necessarily have to affect its overall results.
  • Strong position: AXA has built a strong position in insurance services and asset management.
  • Strong financial position: AXA has a track record of strong financial results and a healthy balance sheet.

What are the risks of investing in AXA shares?

  • Intense competition: AXA faces competition from companies such as Allianz, Prudential, and Zurich Insurance, which may limit its ability to charge high prices for its services.
  • Dependent on investment results: if the investments in asset management perform poorly, the company may face difficulties.
  • High claims: unexpected events can result in high claims, which can cost Allianz a significant amount of money and put pressure on its stock price.

How can you invest in AXA shares?

Step 1: First, open an account with a reliable stockbroker. Many brokers offer a free demo to try out trading shares.

Step 2: When you are ready to buy AXA shares, deposit money into your investment account. You may need to activate your investment account by uploading a copy of your passport and proof of address.

Step 3: Within the investment platform, navigate to the AXA share. In the order screen, enter the amount for which you want to buy AXA shares. You can also use a limit order to maintain full control over your investment.

About the company AXA

buy AXA stocksThe French multinational insurance company AXA is engaged in global insurance, investment management, and other financial services. This company operates mainly in Western Europe, North America, the India-Pacific region, and the Middle East. The headquarters of this insurance company is located in the 8th arrondissement in Paris.

Company history

In 1816, the first (fire) insurance company was founded in France. At the founding of this company, the name of the company was Mutuelle de L’assurance contre L’incendie (MACL). This name was changed to Mutuelles Unies in 1968 after the acquisition of Compagnie Parisienne de Garantie. In 1982, this company merged with the Drouot Group, and the name of the company became Mutuelles Unies / Drouot.

In 1985, the name of the company changed to AXA. This new name was chosen because it can be pronounced the same way in every language. The new name therefore suited a company that wanted to have an international presence. Furthermore, this short and punchy name exudes vitality. To find the new name, an external consultant conducted a computer-assisted search.

Companies acquired by AXA


In 1996, AXA acquired the French competitor UAP for a sum of 9 billion dollars. By merging with UAP, the largest insurance company in the world was created. The combination of UAP and AXA had assets under management of 445 billion dollars and a total annual premium income of 61 billion dollars.


AXA acquired Winterthur from Credit Suisse for a sum of 7.9 billion euros in 2009. Winterthur, with its 13 million participants spread across 17 countries, was a welcome addition for AXA. The insurance company immediately gained a strong position in the Swiss market, and its market position was strengthened in other European countries.

XL Group

In September 2018, the acquisition of XL Group, an American property and casualty insurer, was completed. AXA paid a sum of 12.4 billion euros for the acquisition, which made it the most expensive acquisition ever made by AXA.

As you can see, the insurance company is very active in acquiring other companies. Always carefully research whether such acquisitions positively contribute to AXA’s business results. If this is the case, it may be wise to buy AXA shares.

Should you buy AXA shares?

AXA is a large insurer with a long history. The company is also known for paying a solid annual dividend yield. An investment in AXA shares may therefore be interesting for investors who want to build a steady income.

However, it is important to keep a close eye on the company’s business performance. If other insurers manage to take customers away from AXA, the market share may decline, which is naturally negative for business results. Therefore, stay sharp when buying AXA shares to prevent disappointments.

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