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Are you curious about the opening hours of the Brazilian stock exchange? Would you like to invest in the Ibovespa? Then you are at the right address on this page! Here you can read exactly on which days the Brazilian stock exchange is open and closed.

When will the Brazilian stock exchange be open?

Below you can find the local opening time as well as the opening time  of the Brazilian stock exchange:

  • The Brazilian stock exchange is open from 10:00 to 17:30 local time.
  • The Brazilian stock exchange is open from ##T|13:00## to ##T|20:00## local time.

Investing on the Brazilian stock exchange is therefore ideal for anyone who likes to invest in the later hours. Brazil is still an emerging economy, which means that the prices of companies can still grow considerably. The Brazilian stock exchange is not open at the weekend.

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On which days is the Brazilian stock exchange closed in 2023?

On special holidays the Brazilian stock exchange may be closed. Would you like to know on which day the Bovespa is closed? In the overview below you can see immediately when the stock exchange is closed:

DateBank holidayOpening hours
February 20 & 21CarnivalClosed
February 22Ash Wednesday1:00 to 4:55
April 10Good FridayClosed
April 21Tiradentes DayClosed
May 1Labour DayClosed
June 8Corpus Christi DayClosed
September 7Independence DayClosed
October 12Our lady of Aparecida dayClosed
November 2All Soul's DayClosed
November 15Republic DayClosed
December 25ChristmasClosed
December 29Market HolidayClosed

As you can see, there are quite a few special days on which the Brazilian stock exchange is closed. The Christian faith still plays an important role in the country. Sometimes Brazil can also decide unexpectedly to close the stock exchange. They do this when a negative event can lead to panic on the stock exchanges. A temporary closure will always be announced.

What are the trading hours of the Bovespa index?

The index Bovespa or also called Ibovespa is a well-known index that follows the Brazilian stock exchange. The index consists of a basket of 60 shares traded on the B3 or Brasil Bolsa Balcao. The index offers a nice opportunity to diversify your risks in Brazil.

The trading hours of Ibovespa are the same as those of the Brazilian Stock Exchange. This means that you can invest in the index and the shares associated with it from 10:00 to 17:30 local time or from ##T|13:00## to ##T|20:00## local time.

Investing in Brazil yourself?

You can also choose to invest in Brazil yourself. Brazil is part of the so-called BRICS countries. The BRICS countries are countries that are developing rapidly. This makes Brazil a country that is potentially very interesting for an investment. In the table below you can immediately see where you can trade shares against low fees:

Invest in stocks without commissions! Other costs applicable.
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DEGIRO brokerInvest in stocks & ETF's against low fees.
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What currency is used in Brazil’s stock exchange?

Shares on the stock exchange of Brazil are traded in the Brazilian real. Please note that your investment may decrease in value if your currency strengthens in relation to the currency of Brazil.

Where can you find the Brazil Stock Exchange?

Brazil’s stock exchange can be found in Rio de Janeiro which is the capital of Brazil. You can visit the website of the stock exchange here. The full address details are here:

B3 CentroPraça Antonio Prado, 48Rua XV de Novembro, 275São Paulo – SP, 01010-010

You can also reach the stock exchange via or +55 11 2565-599.

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