How to buy Carlsberg shares?

Jacob Christian Jacobsen founded the Danish brewer Carlsberg Group in 1847. The company is now a global and leading beer brewer. The company’s portfolio includes beer and other beverage brands. The company, managed by the Carlsberg Foundation, continues the art of brewing beer. Do you want to invest in Carlsberg? In this article we discuss how to buy Carlsberg shares. You can also consult the current price of the Carlsberg share on this page.

How to buy Carlsberg shares?

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How can you actively invest in Carlsberg?

Carlsberg is currently working on several new projects. If these projects turn out well, the share price may rise further. As an active investor, you can respond to this by buying and selling Carlsberg shares at the right time. For this, you will need a special type of broker: a broker where you can trade in price differences in the short term.

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80% of retail CFD accounts lose money.80% of retail CFD accounts lose money.80% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is Carlsberg’s current Stock price?

Investors are always curious about the share price of the share they are investing in. In this graph you can see how the CFD price of the Carlsberg share has developed. With the buy and sell button you can immediately open a position in the stock:

A global player

The Carlsberg brand is a well-known beer brand on a worldwide level. The brands Carlsberg, Tuborg and Baltika are in the top eight in Europe. In 2000, the company merged with the Norwegian Orkla Group. That merger made the company a global player.

By entering into partnerships, the company built a strong market position. The company’s brands are sold in more than 150 different markets. The company’s shares have been listed on the Copenhagen Stock Exchange since 1970.

Buy Carlsberg shares

Strategy for the future

Carlsberg wants to keep innovating by introducing new beers. The company focuses on special beers or craft beers. These special beers together with the non-alcoholic beers ensure that the turnover of the company can increase further. Carlsberg also became more active on the Asian market. In this part of the world, the middle class is still growing considerably. The brand can sell a lot more beer here in the future.

Goals for sustainability

Carlsberg Group reported on the UN goals for sustainable development. The company received an award for this report. When it comes to sustainability, the company has striking ambitions. The company is cleverly responding to the increasingly important concept of sustainability. For example, the company has the ambition to reduce water consumption by half. Moreover, the carbon emissions in their companies will be reduced.

By 2022, the company will be using only renewable electricity. The breweries will then be running on green electricity. The company also wants to become CO2 neutral. This goal should be achieved in 2030. Consumers as well as investors find green and sustainable investment increasingly important. These developments can therefore give a good boost to the share price. Do you think this is going to have a positive impact on the share price? Then it would be interesting to buy Carlsberg Group shares.

Innovative packaging

Soon the Green Fiber Bottle will appear on the market. This is a bio-based beer bottle. The most important material of this bottle is wood fibers. In the development of the bottle there are cooperations with a number of parties. Carlsberg cooperates with three parties: the packaging industry, the Technical University of Denmark and industrial designers.

Craft beer, non-alcoholic beer and Asia

In 2019 Carlsberg has grown rapidly in the market of artisanal beers. In addition, more alcohol-free beer was sold in Western Europe. The company also focuses on the growth market Asia. Talks are being held with the Vietnamese government. The company wants to take an interest in Hanoi Beer. Do you think these new projects will contribute to the brewer’s results? Then you can certainly consider an investment in Carlsberg.

In 2019, Carlsberg produced 112.4 million hectolitres of beer. This is a decrease of 2%. According to the company, this decrease was caused by the fact that since last year it is forbidden in Russia to sell beer in bottles with a large format.

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