How can you buy Carrefour shares?

Do you want to invest in Carrefour? By buying Carrefour stocks, you invest in Europe’s largest retail company. But how did Carrefour originate and how does the stock price evolve? On this page you will find all the information you need to buy Carrefour shares.

Where can you buy Carrefour stocks?

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How can you actively invest in Carrefour?

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What is the current stock price of Carrefour?

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About the company Carrefour

Carrefour SA, based in France, is mainly active in the retail sector. Its French name means “crossroads”. Carrefour operates a network of hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores, cash-and-carry wholesalers, e-commerce services and hard discount shops.

At the end of 2018 Carrefour owns 1,384 hypermarkets with Carrefour as brand name. It also owns 3,319 supermarkets with the brand names Market and Bairro at the end of 2018. Other activities in 2018 include managing a network of 7,029 convenience stores, 1,379 Cash & Carry shops, wholesalers and shops selling electronics.

Because Carrefour operates different types of shops and owns various brand names, an investment in the company can be particularly interesting. When you buy Carrefour stocks, you immediately become co-owner of all these companies.


Carrefour is number 1 and number 2

Carrefour is active in more than 30 countries. Carrefour is number 1 in Europe and number 2 worldwide. The most important part of its turnover is achieved in France (46.9%). The rest of the turnover is achieved in Europe (27.7%), Latin America (18.2%) and Asia (7.2%). This geographical spread makes Carrefour a more interesting investment.

Because Carrefour is not only active in Europe, the risks are lower. The focus of sales is clearly in Europe, but new emerging markets may lead to further growth in the future. This can be a good reason to invest in Carrefour by buying their shares.

History of Carrefour

The Carrefour group was founded in 1958. The three French founders had attended a number of retail seminars in the United States. In 1960, the first local shop was opened in France, in the town of Annecy. This first shop was located near a crossroads.

The first (European) hypermarket was opened in 1963 in Sainte-Genevíève-des-Bois. A hypermarket is a department store and a large supermarket in one.

In April 1976, Carerfour started with the produits libres. Carrefour sold 50 food products such as oil, pasta and biscuits in unmarked packages. The price of these unbranded food products is much lower, which makes them an attractive option for the price-conscious consumer.

Carrefour merged in 1989 with Promodès, a company then known as Continent. This group of French retailers was one of the main competitors on the French market.

Nowadays Carrefour focuses on measures for better eating. For example, the company focuses on reducing food waste and developing organic products. Do you think these socially responsible business strategies can contribute to achieving better results? Then it might be interesting to buy Carrefour stocks.

Risks of investing in Carrefour

Stock market analysts are not exclusively optimistic about the Carrefour stock. According to recent figures, Carrefour’s market share is not declining any further. However, that is not enough for analysts to be optimistic. The analysts mention the following risks:

  • The company has been suffering from poor market conditions for years. The number of customers is declining. Moreover, performance in the non-food segment is disappointing.
  • As a result of operating in many countries, the company suffers from currency fluctuations.

Buying Carrefour stocks is therefore certainly not without risk.

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