How to buy Cisco Systems Inc. shares?

Cisco Systems is a large and valuable U.S. manufacturer of routers. With a value of more than 200 billion dollars, an investment in this giant can certainly be interesting. In this article, we will discuss where & how to buy Cisco shares. On this page, you can also find the latest Cisco stock price.

Where can you buy Cisco Systems stocks?

It can also be attractive to buy Cisco Systems shares for the long term. Especially if you believe that the company can boost it’s sales by taking advantage of the new technologies. If you want to buy Cisco shares, it is best to do so at a broker who does not charge commissions. My favourite is eToro: use the button to directly open a free account with this broker:

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How can you actively invest in Cisco Systems?

Active investing in a company like Cisco Systems is nowadays done over the Internet. By opening an account with a broker you can constantly buy and sell Cisco shares. This way you can also respond to the smaller upward and downward movements of the stock.

A good party where you can actively speculate on the price movements of Cisco Systems CFD shares is Plus500. Plus500 allows you to open positions on both rising and falling prices. Would you like to try the possibilities for free with an unlimited demo? Use the button below to open a demo immediately:

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What is the stock price of Cisco Systems?

Are you curious how the CFD Cisco Systems share price develops? The graph below shows you the price at which you can buy & sell CFD Cisco shares:

Is an investment in Cisco Systems interesting?

An investment in Cisco Systems can certainly be interesting: the market for networks is still growing and the company offers solid products for this market. For example, the company supplies products that make the latest standards such as 400G, 5G, and WiFi6 available. Companies want to update their system to these new standards and therefore need to buy products from providers such as Cisco Systems Inc.

The company also develops enough new products. For example, Cisco came up with Qwilt which is a video streaming platform and the SecureX security program is also a success. Since Cisco Systems is already large, as an investor, you do not have to expect enormous relative growth. However, if you are looking for a relatively secure & stable investment then Cisco Systems Inc. can be a good choice.

Buy Cisco Systems shares

About Cisco Systems

The American company Cisco Systems initially specialized in routers. Now Cisco produces all kinds of network equipment for telecom companies and large corporations. The network equipment company, which has built a strong reputation for network equipment and network solutions, manufactures routers, switches, firewalls, and servers.

Also, the company offers various certification programs. These certification processes enable IT professionals specializing in a particular field to prove that they have the necessary specific knowledge and skills. The company is based in San Jose. California, in the centre of Silicon Valley.

The history of the company

Cisco Systems was founded in 1984 by Sandra Lerner and Leonard Bosack who both worked in the computer department of a university. A colleague of Leonard Bosack had written the software that was used at Stanford University for the so-called ‘blue box’. Thanks to this multiprotocol router, the computer systems of Stanford University could communicate with each other.

Bosack adapted the software written by his colleague. There had already been companies that had developed and sold a router before. The router developed by Cisco Systems was the first successful multi-protocol router that allowed previously incompatible computers to communicate with each other.

From the mid-1990s, computers used the IP protocol to communicate with each other. With the introduction of products such as the modem access shelves and the core GS routers, Cisco Systems became an important player in that market. In early 2000, with a market capital of $500 billion, the company was the most valuable company in the world.

To grow further, the company took over many other companies. In the period 1995-1996, 11 companies were taken over. In this way, the company acquired all kinds of products and talented employees. The acquisition of Lynksys in 2003, a popular manufacturer of networking equipment, gave the company a leading position in the small office and home office market.

Cisco Systems has been listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange since 1990.

 Cisco Systems: controversies

In April 2001, a lawsuit was filed against the company. The company was accused of insider trading and misleading stock buyers. Cisco denied all allegations but paid over $90 million to settle the lawsuit.

Cisco was criticized for its involvement in censorship in the People’s Republic of China. The Internet equipment provided by Cisco and other network equipment suppliers was allegedly used by the Chinese government to monitor users’ online activities and to block websites. Cisco claims not to have adapted or developed any unique filtering features that would allow the Chinese government to block websites.

Controversies and scandals can put Cisco’s share price under pressure. It is therefore advisable to follow these developments closely when considering an investment in Cisco.

Cisco Systems warns against hackers

In 2018, Cisco Systems announced that the Russians had infected at least half a million routers and storage devices with spy software. The company’s security researchers are convinced that the Russian government is involved in this spread of malicious software. The program contains rules that have also been used in previous cyber-attacks on the US. These cyber-attacks were also associated with the Russian government.


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