Free trading: try trading for free!

Thanks to the introduction of online trading by using CFDs, it is now possible to try out trading completely free. has several deals with some large brokers that make it possible to start trading stocks for free! The bonuses go up to dozens of euros and, thanks to the available leverage, you can make a nice amount straight away. Try out trading with a free bonus of or a free demo of Plus500. Now who wouldn’t want that?

Receive a registration bonus right away

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Frequently asked questions

How can brokers give away registration bonuses? is a gigantic brokers that process more than a million transactions every month. This broker earn a small amount on each transaction, which we call the spread. The spread is the very small difference between the buy and sell price.

Brokers profit from the spread they receive from each of their clients’ transactions. More clients automatically means more spreads. Thus they offer a sign-up bonus with the hope that you’ll continue trading with is so convinced of the quality of their services and software that they expect that one in ten people who sign up will actually decide to deposit money and start trading.

Traders usually stay with their broker for quite some time to build a portfolio and make money. Thus the broker earns back the cost of the bonus in no time.

Therefore, the registration bonus is somewhat of a teaser, which doesn’t obligate you whatsoever.

How do I request my demo from Plus 500?

  • Go to the Plus500 website.
  • Register an account with Plus500.
  • Your demo is automatically activated.

How do I request my sign-up bonus with

  • Go to
  • Fill out the form.
  • You’ll receive your login details via email.

After activation, your free bonus is credited to your account.

Can I withdraw the bonus right away?

No, you can’t. Before you can withdraw the bonus, you need to have invested it a few times. The purpose of the bonus is to connect people to trading, to let them experience what it’s like and how it works. The profit that you make using the bonus is all yours. 

Can I trade and make money with 20 pounds?

Yes, this is possible through the use of leverage. With modern brokers you can use leverage up to 1:50, which in turn allows you to turn that 25 pounds into a 1250 pound investment. The difference between the price at the time of opening the position and the price at the closing of the position determines your profit or losses. You never risk more than your initial deposit as positions are automatically closed as soon as the losses fall beyond the available amount in your account.

What’s the catch?

There is no catch! The bonus is 100% free. When you use the bonus you don’t need to deposit your own money. You can’t lose any of your own money unless you’ve deposited it into your account with the broker.

Can I lose more than I put down?

No, you never lose more than you put down. Once your losses are too high the position is automatically closed. If the position does stay open and you lose more than there is on your account, the risk lies with the broker; so you can never lose more money than you put down.

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Free trading tips

It is wise to use your free bonus of or your demo of Plus 500! By doing so, you can discover if online trading is something for you. What would an extra income of 100, 1000 or even 10,000 pounds a month mean for you?

For that reason, it is wise to use your free bonus as responsibly as possible. Don’t risk your entire bonus in one go. Read the article learn how to trade profitably and learn from your successes and mistakes. Trading is something you learn by doing!