How can you buy H&M shares?

H&M is a well-known and relatively low-cost fashion chain. The company has big ambitions and is still growing. An investment in H&M shares can therefore be very profitable. But how can you best buy H&M shares? On this page you can read everything you need to know, and you can also find the latest stock price here.

Where to buy H&M shares?

An investment in H&M may be interesting: the company is still opening new stores on several continents. This protects the company from regional setbacks. Moreover, H&M invests a lot in web shops, which is probably a good move. More and more customers are choosing to order clothes from the convenience of their lazy chair.

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How to actively invest in H&M?

The share price of H&M can fluctuate a lot. When the company launches a popular clothing line, sales can soar. This allows the profitability of the company to increase, which of course is good for the share price. Fierce competition and bad news can then lower the price again. To an active investor, none of this matters as you can achieve a positive return in both cases.

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What is H&M’s stock price?

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About the company H&M

H&M (Hennis & Maurits) is the second largest fashion chain in the world and operates in 57 countries worldwide. H&M has nearly 5,100 stores and 20 production offices. The Swedish fashion retailer is headquartered in Stockholm.

The creation of H&M

The founder of H&M is Erling Person. In 1947, he opened the first store in Västerås. This rather large city lies under the smoke of Stockholm. At the time of its creation, the name of the store was Hennes, which means ‘for her’ in Swedish. In the beginning, only women’s clothing was sold in the shop.

The founder introduced a concept in Europe that was already a success in America: Shop owners there made substantial profits. They did this by offering clothing on a large scale at advantageous prices. The application of this American concept at Hennes became a success.


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Men’s clothing too

Initially, only collections of women’s clothing were offered in H&M’s stores. That changed in 1968 with the acquisition of Mauritz Wittfors. At that time, they were a shop and distributor in hunting gear and fishing rods. Persson uses the acquired company to gain a foothold in the men’s segment as well. He added menswear to his company. The company name was then changed to Hennis & Mauritz.

A successful business

In the 1980s and 1990s, the company was also successful in several European countries. At the beginning of this century, a dream came true: in New York, the first H&M store was opened.

More and more H&M stores are opening around the world. For example, shops are opened in Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America.

The secret to success

What is the secret to the success of the fashion store chain H&M? Their success cannot solemnly be explained by their offering of affordable clothing of relatively good quality. The secret to success is being able to respond flexibly to the wishes of their trend-sensitive target group.

The fashion chain not only offers two new collections a year. With their subcollections, which are adjusted daily, the company can respond to trends. This allows the company to respond directly to new trends, which is of course excellent for the profitability of the company.

H&M and charities

2002: From 2002 onwards, 10% of the proceeds of the swimwear sold by the company will go to WaterAid. This organization is involved in the water supply in Tanzania, Bangladesh, and Madagascar, among others. In 2008, an amount of 243,000 euros was raised.

2008: Start of the campaign ‘Fashion against AIDS’. The company collaborated with the non-profit organization Designers Against AIDS during this campaign. The aim of the campaign was to raise awareness among young people about HIV and safe lovemaking. H&M designed clothing for this charity and 25% of the proceeds went to projects aimed at HIV prevention.

2013: The company contributes 58.5 million euros to the H&M Conscious Foundation. This foundation focuses on building a better world. The starting point is the millennium goal set out by the United Nations.

These donations to charities give the brand a good name. This encourages customers to choose the H&M clothing brand, which is of course good for the company’s profitability. This may therefore be a good reason to buy H&M shares.

Despite H&M’s promise no living income for tailors

The fashion chain H&M pledged in 2013 that it would provide a living income for approximately 850,000 textile workers working for the company. According to the company, this goal would be achieved by the end of 2018. In 2018, the international organization Clean Clothes Campaign conducted research in Bulgaria and Turkey.

The investigation found that the company failed to deliver on its promise of better working conditions and higher wages. Many workers, according to the research, will live below the poverty line in 2018. Moreover, the employees work too many hours. In Bulgaria and Turkey, for example, workers working for the company respectively earn only 9% and 29% of the set minimum wage in Europe.

This kind of news can put pressure on the share price. Investors increasingly believe it is important that a company considers all stakeholders.


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