How to buy NN Group shares?

Investing in the financial service provider NN Group can be interesting. But how can you invest in the company NN Group via the internet? And from which brokers can you buy the cheapest NN Group stocks? In this article, we discuss this in detail!

Where can you buy NN Group stocks?

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How can you actively invest in the NN Group?

Active investing is buying and selling shares in the short term to achieve a profit. It is often not attractive to actively trade with a traditional broker: you often pay a fee over each transaction. It is better to actively speculate on NN Group’s price movements with a CFD broker. A good party where you can do this is Plus500: use the button below to try the possibilities there with a demo account for free:

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What is the stock price of the NN Group?

Would you like to know how the NN Group stock price is developing? The chart below shows you the price at which you can buy and sell NN Group CFD shares.

About the company NN Group

The Dutch financial services provider NN Group consists of NN (Nationale-Nederlanden and NN Investment Bank). Nationale Nederlandse Bank N.V., which belongs to Nationale-Nederlanden, offers banking products such as mortgages and savings products. This is a bank operating under its banking licence within the deposit guarantee scheme. The head office of the NN Group is located in The Hague.


Buy NN Group shares

Company history

In 1963, the companies De Nederlanden of 1845 and the Nationale-Levensverzekering-Bank merged. In 1969, when the head office of De Nederland was completed, the two companies were merged. The formal merger became a fact in 1970. At that time, the life insurance companies of both companies continued together as Nationale Nederlanden Levensverzekering Maatschappij N.V.

The various non-life insurance companies of both companies continued as Nationale-Nederlanden Schadeverzekering Maatschappij N.V. In 1984, the company took over the AMFAS group, which was a company that had emerged from RVS insurance and other small insurance companies in 1968. NMB Postbank, which had an extensive branch network, was seen by the company in 1991 as an ideal merger partner. After the completion of the merger in 1991, the company became part of the ING Group. RVS and Nationale-Nederlanden continued together in 2012 under the name Nationale-Nederlanden.

During the credit crisis, the ING Group received state support. One of the conditions attached to this state support was the sale of all insurance activities. ING Group’s insurance activities were hived off in 2013. In 2013, Nationale Nederlanden became part of the NN Group.

The company will go public

Until July 2014, ING Group was the sole shareholder of the company NN Group. The company announced that it will go public in June 2014. NN Group was listed on Euronext Amsterdam on the 2th of July 2014. At the time of the IPO, ING Group sold 79 million shares for 20 euros each. After the IPO, ING Group still owned 71.4% of the shares, which were later sold. The last 14% of the shares were sold by ING Group in April 2016. The sale of these shares raised approximately EUR 1.4 billion.

Companies acquired by NN Group

On 5 October 2016, NN Group made an offer for all the shares of Delta Lloyd, the fourth largest Dutch insurance company, with 3.2 million customers in the Netherlands and Belgium. The two companies reached an agreement in December 2016. NN Group paid 5.40 euros per share. The merger created a company that is a strong player in the field of pensions, asset management, and insurance. As a result of the merger, work can be carried out more efficiently, resulting in a cost-benefit of at least 150 million euros in 2020.

NN Group has taken over the insurance activities of the buy-back fund Athora Vivat. This acquisition was completed in April 2020. By acquiring from Athora the VIVAT non-life insurance activities with 300,000 customers and the Volksbank distribution activities for an amount of EUR 416 million, NN becomes the largest non-life insurer in the Netherlands.

Do you think these acquisitions will contribute to NN Group’s operating results in the future? Then it may be wise to invest in the company by buying the shares.

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