A visit to the office of Plus500

Last summer I travelled through Israel, the Palestinian territories and Jordan. Of course I will not bother you here with travel stories about adventures in a hot desert. Coincidentally though the Plus500 headquarters can be found in Haifa in Israel, and they were kind enough to receive me and some friends. In this article I will give you a short impression of the Plus500 office.

What immediately struck us is that they are very hospitable at Plus500. They did not only pay for our dinner, but also for taxis to and from the office, and they arranged an extensive lunch for us in their conference room.

IMG 0020Then we were given a tour of all the departments of the company. What is immediately noticeable is that all the employees are very cheerful. This is understandable when you consider that everyone can eat free ice cream and that there is a PlayStation in the hallway.

At one point we also met the CEO of Plus500 and the founders of the company. It is nice to see how the entire atmosphere at Plus500 is informal; even the owners of the company, who sometimes own hundreds of millions in Plus500 shares, simply walk around in normal shirts. The oldest staff member is 35; it is therefore clearly a young company.

IMG 6608All in all, it is impressive what Plus500 has achieved, especially when you consider that they have only existed since 2008 and already have a market value of hundreds of millions. The visit to the company was nice, and it gave me even more confidence in the reliability of Plus500.

Now that I have seen who is working at Plus500, I want to work with them even more. Below you can see a photo of the company’s customer service team.

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