Pharming: buy cheap, profit later?

Pharming is a stock that is known for its low listing. With a price of one or two cents, the company and the stock seem to have little potential. However, buying a penny stock can really pay off in the long term.

What is Pharming Group N.V.?

Pharming logoPharming Group N.V. is a Netherlands-based biotech company that focuses on the development of medicines for various difficult-to-treat diseases. The company has been loss-making for a long time and only a few dozen people work there. Is it then wise to buy Pharming stock?

The company has specialised in the production of human proteins that have a medicinal effect. For certain genetic flaws, these proteins could cure the patient.

The potential of Pharming

The beauty of biotech companies is the fact that they are worthless for a long time. Only when a company brings a medicine to the market that can cure a certain disease will it make a profit. For example, this was also the case of the company that invented Viagra. And nowadays when you open your spam folder you immediately see that it has become a sales success; whether you buy it or not...

Because of the low price, Pharming N.V. could be a nice penny stock to make a windfall with in the future. However, invest only a limited part of your assets in this stock, as the outlook is pretty bad at the moment. Remember that a four-cent listing amounts to a profit of one hundred percent!

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