How can you buy shopify shares?

Do you want to invest in a strong Canadian company? Then buying shares in Shopify can be interesting. This handy platform makes it possible for everyone to set up an online webshop. How did the company Shopify actually start and in what ways can you invest in the company? Read all about it on this page! You can also consult the current price of Shopify shares here.

Where can you buy Shopify stocks?

Online shopping is the future. More and more people are shopping online. A company that responds to this trend can therefore be an interesting long-term investment. At the same time, you see that more and more people are interested in starting their internet business. Do you have confidence in the future of the Shopify share? Then it may be smart to buy Shopify shares from eToro. After all, you don’t pay any fixed transaction costs here. Use the button below to directly open an account:

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How can you actively invest in Shopify?

Would you rather actively trade in shares? That’s possible with Plus500! Plus500 allows you to actively trade in the CFD share Shopify. This allows you to easily capitalize on the latest trends. Have you noticed, for example, that the number of users of the Shopify platform is increasing or that new, interesting features are being released? Then you can respond to this immediately by placing a CFD order within the platform. You can try out the possibilities 100% free of charge and without risk by means of a demo:

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What is the current stock price of Shopify?

Do you want to know how the Shopify share price is developing? In the graph below you can see the latest CFD price of Shopify. You can also use the buttons to open a position on this share.

Is it wise to invest in Shopify?

Shopify is certainly a promising company that can continue to build a strong position in the future. E-commerce is booming and because of the corona pandemic, consumers are becoming even more accustomed to online shopping. It is therefore attractive for entrepreneurs to start an online webshop and Shopify helps companies with the services needed for this. In the meantime, they have managed to catch up with eBay when we look at the sales volume, so Shopify is certainly a party to consider.

The company’s revenue model is smart: they work with a free 90-day trial period which allows new users to try out the possibilities first. After the end of the trial period, they earn money with the monthly contribution from webshop owners and through the transactions carried out on the platform. Shopify, for example, also processes transactions and helps with the shipment of products: Shopify is still growing in this branch.

The Shopify plus service is also a big source of income. Large companies can make use of special, tailor-made services. Large companies are likely to ask for new services which will then be added to the standard versions. In this way, Shopify discovers in practice how the company can strengthen its position.

However, it is important to remember that Shopify is still a start-up. The future of the company is not yet certain and has yet to make a profit. However, if the Canadian company continues in this vein, it will certainly be able to produce green figures in the long term. You can therefore certainly consider buying Shopify stocks.

About the company Shopify

The Canadian e-commerce company Shopify is headquartered in Canada. For online shops and retail point-of-sale systems, Shopify offers its e-commerce platform under the name Shopify. Shopify offers online retailers a package of services, including marketing, payments and shipping. Thanks to this package, it is easier for small businesses to run an online shop. In August 2017, the e-commerce platform offered by Shopify was used by more than 600,000 merchants.


History of Shopify

The founders of Shopify wanted to open an online shop in 2004. They discovered that setting up an online shop was not easy. The founders were dissatisfied with the existing e-commerce products. One of the founders of Shopify was the computer programmer Lütke who decided to build an online shop himself. Two months later, the founders of Shopify launched their online shop Snowdevils, an online shop for snowboarders.

In June 2006, the founders of Snowdevils launched the online platform Shopify. In 2009 Shopify started with an App Store and with an API platform. With the API developers create applications for the Shopify online shops. The applications made by developers are sold within the Shopify App Store.

In 2010, there will be a free mobile app on the Apple App Store that will allow Shopify Store owners to manage their shops. In 2010, the Canadian e-commerce company also started a competition. In the Build-A-Business competition the participants built their business using the e-commerce platform developed by Shopify. Shopify became a fast-growing company: in 2014, approximately 120,000 online retailers were already using the e-commerce platform, with which the company earned 105 million dollars immediately.

In 2013, the company announced the emergence of Shopify payments. This system made it easier for online merchants to accept credit cards. Another payment system introduced in the same year makes it possible to receive payments via credit cards and debit cards via the iPad.

A successful mission for entrepreneurs and stockholders

The mission of the founders of Shopify was to facilitate trade for all. After developing the app store in 2009, the company had only 5,000 participants. More than 500,000 entrepreneurs are now customers of the company. They are entrepreneurs from 175 different countries. Thanks to Shopify, it has become much easier for entrepreneurs to get started as an online entrepreneur.

Shopify’s mission, to make life easier for online entrepreneurs with a small or medium-sized enterprise, is also a successful mission for shareholders. Investors saw their Shopify stocks double in value in 2017.

Do you think there is even more room for Shopify’s share prices to grow? In that case, buying Shopify shares can certainly be interesting.

The revenues of Shopify

Users of the services offered by Shopify pay a monthly subscription fee: a minimum of USD 29 per month. In addition, the company earns money by processing transactions. Shopify’s customers have to pay transaction and shipping costs.

When a product is bought in a webshop created with Shopify it also generates income. Spotify then receives a percentage of the sales revenue. As an intermediary, Shopify earns money from the sales of other companies: this is an attractive position and can therefore be a good reason to buy Shopify shares.

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