How to buy SMA Solar Technology shares?

Would you like to invest in SMA Solar Technology yourself by buying stocks? On this page you can read directly how to buy SMA Solar Technology shares. You can also consult the current price here.

Where can you buy SMA Solar Technology stocks?

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How can you actively invest in SMA Solar Technology shares?

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82% of retail CFD accounts lose money.82% of retail CFD accounts lose money.82% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is the current stock price of SMA Solar Technology?

Would you like to know what the current stock price of the company SM Solar Technology is? Below you can see the current CFD stock price of SM Solar Technology. You can also open a position directly using the buttons.

Is it wise to invest in SM Solar Technology?

The advent of renewable energy and the greatly increased popularity of solar and wind energy have led to a spectacular increase in demand for inverters. As a result of this sharp increase in demand, SM Solar Technology’s inverters in particular have attracted considerable interest. The company’s product range offers a solution for every type of joint power and the company’s products are of high quality.

One risk of investing in SM Solar Technology is the rapid development of technology. Despite the fact that SM Solar Technology is now one of the world’s leading producers of inverters, this may of course change at some point. It is therefore important to keep a close eye on the competition: in this way you can determine whether SM Solar Technology can still come along.

Do you want to invest in SM Solar Technology? Then it is important to analyse carefully whether the company continues to innovate sufficiently. The demand for green products will only continue to rise. An investment in SM Solar Technology can therefore turn out well.

About the company SMA Technology

SMA Solar Technology is a German manufacturer of grid-connected inverters. In addition, the company is also known for developing and marketing so-called stand alone or off-grid systems. Over the years, SMA Solar Technology has significantly improved its market share.

With an average annual turnover of EUR 1.67 billion, SMA can therefore call itself the absolute market leader in the field of inverters. The abbreviation SMA stands for ‘System, Mess- und Anlagentechnik’.

The absolute market leader in inverters

As stated above, SMA Solar Technology can rightly call itself the absolute market leader in the field of inverters. The company has gained not the least notoriety through its Sunny Boy range. This is an incredibly popular inverter which can be used in both private and commercial installations with solar panels. The prerequisite is that the solar panels must have a combined power output of less than 6 kW. From 5kW onwards, the so-called ‘Sunny Tripower’ is used.

The Sunny Tripower is a three-phase inverter. In addition, it can be noted that so-called solar power plants often choose to use an inverter from the company SMA Solar Technology. In this case, however, it is the Sunny Central. This inverter is used as soon as the combined power output exceeds 40 kW.

SMA Solar Technology shares

The history of SM Solar Technology

To establish SMA Solar Technology, we have to go back in time, more specifically to the year 1981. It was then that the company was founded by Günther Cramer, Peter Drews and Reiner Wettlaufe. The company was founded at the University of Kassel. The company chose to specialize in the development of inverters. This turned out to be a favourable choice: most of the forms of renewable energy on the market, including, for example, hydropower and solar and wind energy, produce direct current. The normal electricity grid works with alternating current.

An inverter must be used to convert direct current into alternating current. This is where SMA Solar Technology’s products come into play. As of 22 September 2008, SMA can be found on the TecDAX. In March of the year 2008, SMA also decided to open its first Solar Works. This is a plant with a CO2-neutral character and in which all known techniques in terms of environmental friendliness and energy efficiency are applied.

The connection between Tokelau and SMA

An interesting fact is the connection between Tokelau and SMA. In 2012, SMA made the world news after it succeeded in making Tokelau, located in the Pacific Ocean, almost completely independent of fossil fuels. It could achieve this by installing an installation on the island consisting of a total of just 298 Sunny Island inverters and 121 SMA Sunny Island chargers.


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