How to buy Thomson Reuters Company Shares?

Thomson Reuters is a well-known company that is active in publishing various works. The company also cooperates with Facebook in order to remove fake news from the platform. Are you considering an investment in Thomson Reuters? On this page we discuss how you can buy Thomson Reuters shares.

Where can you buy Thomson Reuters stocks?

Do you want to buy Thompson Reuters shares? You can directly trade in Thompson Reuters stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in Thomson Reuters?

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What is the stock price of Thomson Reuters?

Are you curious about the current share price of Thomson Reuters? In the chart below you will immediately see at what price you can buy the CFD shares:

About the company Thomson Reuters

The Canadian-American multinational Thomson Reuters is specialized in information services and products. The company is mainly active in the scientific, medical, financial, tax and legal sectors. The headquarters of this company, with employees in more than 100 countries, is located in Times Square in New York.

More than 50% of the company’s shares are in the hands of the Thomson family. They are the richest family in Canada.

Company history

The Canadian media baron Roy Thomson founded The Thomson Company in 1934, which was a newspaper publishing company. He bought the Scottish newspaper The Scotsman in 1953 and moved to the United Kingdom. There he became the owner of The Times and Sunday Times newspapers. He also bought the airline Britannia Airways in 1965. The name was changed to Thomsonfly.

In 1976, after Thomson’s death, the company turned to publishing. The legal publishers Sweet & Maxwell (1987) and West (1996) were acquired.

Thomson Reuters Company came into existence in 2008. In that year, the originally Canadian company Thomson bought up the Reuters news service. The new company Thomson Reuters came into existence on 17 April 2008, through a merger with the Thomson Reuters Group. The separate listings of Thomson and Reuters on the London Stock Exchange and Nasdaq were withdrawn in 2009. The merged company received a joint listing on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange.

Market leader in financial data

Thomson Reuters Company, ahead of the other major information provider Bloomberg, is the market leader in the provision of financial data. Electronic businesses and services are provided by Thomson Reuters to companies and professionals around the world. The company also serves financial and media services, legal, tax and accounting markets and science. The company’s products include legal information software such as Checkpoint and ONESOURCE.

Checking fake news on the internet

Press agency Reuters announced in 2020 that it will start to monitor fake news on the internet. Fake messages found by editors on Facebook are annotated. By doing this it becomes clear that it is a misleading or incorrect message. Facebook limits the reach of a misleading or inaccurate message, for example by having the message appear less often in the news feed of Facebook.

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