How can you buy Umicore shares?

Sustainability is increasingly important for the average investor. Umicore is a Belgian company that knows how to respond to this trend. They do this, for example, by producing rechargeable batteries. Do you want to invest in the company Umicore? In this article you can read how you can buy Umicore shares and take a look at the current stock price.

How can you buy Umicore shares?

For serious, long-term investors, an investment in Umicore can be interesting. To buy the share, you need an account with an online broker. A broker is a party that can buy & sell shares on your behalf. A good option for this is eToro: at this broker you do not pay set commissions on share transactions. With the button below you can directly open an account with eToro:

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How can you actively invest in Umicore?

The prices of a share can fluctuate constantly. This is no different for the Umicore share. Speculators actively trade the price of a share: this enables them to achieve a good result under all market conditions.

A good party where you can actively trade in Umicore shares is Plus500. With Plus500 CFDs, you can take a position on both a falling and rising price which allows you maximum flexibility. Use the button below to instantly open a free demo on Plus500:

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What is Umicore’s stock price?

You can see Umicore’s current CFD share price in the graph below. With the buy and sell buttons you can directly open a position on the share.

About the company Umicore

The multinational materials technology company Umicore N.V. is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium. Previously, the company was known as Union Miniére. In 1989, 4 companies in the mining and smelting industry merged with each other. This merger led to the creation of Umicore.

After it was founded, the company was transformed into a more technology-oriented company. Activities of the company include refining and the recycling of metals. Umicore also produces specialized products of precious metals, cobalt, zinc, germanium and other metals. Since its foundation in 1991, Umicore has been listed on the Belgian BEL-20 stock exchange index.

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Umicore’s activities

The company obtains its income mainly by actively building a more sustainable society. The company does this by producing rechargeable batteries. In addition, the company is engaged in emission control and recycling.

The company received the Fray International Sustainability Award in 2011. They received this award for developing breakthrough technologies for recycling rechargeable batteries. In addition, the company had taken significant initiatives to protect the environment. In 2014, the company was ranked ninth among the 100 most sustainable companies in the world.

Do you think this sustainable approach will contribute to achieving better results in the future? Then it may be smart to invest in Umicore by buying shares.

Farewell to mining

In the past, mining was the main activity of the company. The company is not involved in mining anymore: all these activities have been sold. In 2005, the copper mining and refining activities were sold to Aurubis. In 2007, the zinc smelting activities were sold to Nyrstar.

In 2008, the last mining activities were terminated. The company had a minority stake in the zinc producer Padaeng Industry as the only remaining mining activity until 2008. This zinc producer operates a mine in the north of Thailand. This minority interest was sold in April 2008.

Umicore’s divisions

Umicore has four divisions: Energy Materials, Recycling, Catalysis and Performance Materials.

The Energy Materials division produces a range of metal and metalloid products for industrial use. An example of this are the products made from the oxides of salts of cobalt. They also produce lithium and nickel which are used in glass, ceramics and batteries. This division of Umicore also produces and sells products made of germanium.

The main activity of the Recycling division is the refining and recycling of various precious metals and other non-ferrous metals. In terms of recycling, Umicore is the largest recycler of precious metals in the world.

The recycling section also has other activities. For example, the Battery Recycling business unit focuses on the recycling of rechargeable batteries that are used in laptops and cell phones. The Jewellery and Industrial Materials business unit produces semi-finished products based on precious metals. Scrap and residues from the jewelry industry are also recycled. The Recycle segment sells precious metals in cast form to industrial customers.

The Catalysis division consists of two parts: Precious Metal Chemistry and Automotive Catalystics. This division has been conducting research in the field of automotive catalysts since 1968.

The Performance Materials division produces specialized articles. These articles are mainly made of precious metals and zinc.

When considering an investment in Umicore, it is important to carefully examine the activities and perspectives of these different divisions.


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