How to buy Urban Outfitters shares?

Urban Outiftters is a well-known fashion chain that focuses on a specific type of lifestyle. Do you have confidence in the profitability of the segment Urban Outfitters focuses on? In that case it might be interesting to buy Urban Outiftters shares. On this page you can read how to invest in Urban Outfitters. You can also find the current stock price here.

Where can you buy Urban Outfitters stocks?

Do you want to buy Urban Outfitters shares? You can directly trade in Urban Outfitters stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in Urban Outfitters?

You can choose to actively invest in the company Urban Outfitters. When you choose this option, it is wise to follow the news closely. Positive or negative news can influence the stock price. A good party to trade in CFD’s on Urban Outfitters is Plus500, use the button below to open a free demo account with this party:

86% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is the current stock price of Urban Outfitters?

Are you curious about the latest price data of Urban Outfitters? Below you can directly see the latest CFD stock price of the company Urban Outfitters. You can also use the buttons to open a position directly.

About Urban Outfitters

The beginning of Urban Outfitters is the Free People’s store in Philadelphia which opened in 1970. Founders Dick Hayne and his wife sold both new and second-hand clothing there. In 1976, the name of the shop was changed to Urban-Outfitters. The shop was an instant success and soon more shops were opened. In 1995, there were 23 Urban-Outfitters shops in the USA. The first shop in Canada opened in 1996. Dick Hayne and his wife decided to start another concept as well: the Anthology chain which also became a success.

Urban Outfitters

A lifestyle related retailer

Urban Outfitters is a lifestyle related retailer. They sell clothing and clothing accessories. An important target group are the teenagers and young adults who can find alternative fashion that fits the hipster culture. Hipsters prefer to wear retro and vintage clothing.

If you want to invest in Urban Outiftters stocks, it is advisable to follow the latest fashion trends. Do you like the new clothes of the brand? Then it may be smart to buy Urban Outfitters shares.

Not just clothes

Urban Outfitters doesn’t just sell clothes. Besides clothing, they also sell shoes, beauty and wellness products, household products and music. Of course, the lifestyle of the target group is also taken into account in the music by selling mainly vinyl records and cassettes. Much of the merchandise sold is designed and produced in-house under private labels.

A successful company

The retailer Urban Outfitters, which started from a shop, was a great success. There are now shops in many different countries: in 2018 there were 245 shops in Denmark, Germany, the United Kingdom, Israel, Pakistan and other countries.

Polaroid ONE600 Instant camera

The Polaroid ONE 600 Instant camera is a product that has not been available for a long time. This Polaroid camera with its instant-film fits the hipster culture. An Austrian acquired the right to make 700 of these cameras. These Polaroid cameras were sold in the shops of Urban Outfitters in 2011.

Buying restaurants

Urban Outfitters also had to deal with fewer customers in their shop and declining sales. To compensate for this decline, the retailer decided to change its strategy. Urban Outfitter then took over 3 restaurants from the Vetri family. The Vetri family is a restaurant group in Philadelphia.

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