How to buy Wereldhave shares?

Wereldhave NV is a Dutch company that invests in property in countries throughout the world. The head office of Wereldhave is established in The Hague and Wereldhave is listed at the AMX Index in Amsterdam. Are you considering investing in Wereldhave? On this page you can find the best place to buy Wereldhave stocks. You can also find the current stock price of Wereldhave here.

Where can you buy Wereldhave stocks?

Do you want to buy Wereldhave shares? You can directly trade in Wereldhave stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in Wereldhave?

You can trade CFD shares in Wereldhave yourself at Plus500. The price of Wereldhave depends on the situation in the property market. The nice thing about trading with Plus500 is that your results do not have to depend on the situation on the property market. At Wereldhave, you can decide to open a long or short position on a stock.

With long positions, you place an order on a rising price and with short positions, you place an order on a falling price. At Plus500 you can actively trade CFD Worldhave and other Dutch stocks risk-free with a free demo. Click the button below to create an account for free

86% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is Wereldhave’s current stock price?

Are you curious about how Wereldhave’s share price is developing? That is understandable! Developments in the property market are extremely interesting. Below you will find the current CFD price of Wereldhave stock. You can use the buttons to buy or sell CFD’s on the stock directly.

Is it wise to invest in Wereldhave?

Whether it is wise to invest in Wereldhave stocks depends very much on the economic situation. Wereldhave is the textbook example of a stock that does well when the economy is performing well. After all, shopping centres attract more paying customers, as a result of which more parties want to rent spaces in the shopping centres. When the economy is performing poorly, the vacancy rate actually increases and a company like Wereldhave loses money because of that.

Before you buy Wereldhave stocks, it is therefore wise to carefully analyse the economic situation. Also, compare Wereldhave with competitors: in this way, you can determine whether it is not more attractive to buy shares of the competitors.

What do you look for when investing in Wereldhave?

Wereldhave is a property company. This automatically means that the price of Wereldhave is highly sensitive to the economic cycle. You saw this, for example, during the crisis in 2008: property prices plummeted. It is therefore wise to have a broad focus when you want to invest in Wereldhave. Do not only look at the current price, but also at the global economic situation.

Foundation of Wereldhave

Wereldhave The company Wereldhave was founded in 1930, and they are active in investing in real estate, such as offices, shopping centres and residential property. Wereldhave’s profit is derived from the rental income and the increase in value of these properties.

Wereldhave used to invest in many countries around the world, including the United States and England. Nowadays, the company mainly focuses on Europe. 44% of its investments are in Europe, 30% in Belgium and 26% in France. With this local focus, Wereldhave is always on top of the latest developments.

It is beneficial that Wereldhave owns property spread over different regions. You regularly see one region performing less well, while another region are performing better. This can also be a good reason to buy Wereldhave stocks.

Wereldhave activities

Broken down by property, the investment portfolio of Wereldhave NV can roughly be divided into the following sectors: offices for 3% and retail for 97%. These percentages are, of course, indicative, as they may change slightly with each new investment.

The fact that Wereldhave Real Estate Fund actively manages shopping centres, (re)develops its projects, spreads its risks and has local knowledge and presence distinguishes it from other real estate funds.

It is clear, however, that investments in Wereldhave involve risks: offices and retail spaces in particular drop in value when the economy is not performing well. Companies then try to save money and people do less shopping. Shopping centres are in any case threatened by the further growth of online shopping.

Focus on Europe

Wereldhave announced early 2012 that they want to focus primarily on real estate in Europe. As a result, they will withdraw from the United States and all the property there will be sold in various parts. The first building has already been sold in early 2012, and in the meantime Wereldhave no longer owns any property in America.

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