How to buy AMG shares?

Would you like to invest in AMG or Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V.? In that case, you are at the right place! You can read here where and how you can best invest in AMG stocks! You will also find the latest price information on AMG on this page.

Where can you buy AMG shares?

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Active trading in AMG

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Current stock price AMG

Are you curious about the current price of AMG stocks? Then take a look at the CFD price of AMG shares below. Would you like to place an order directly? Then use one of the buttons!

What is the best way to invest in shares?

Before you buy AMG stocks, it is important to understand how best to invest in shares. It is important to always motivate the buying and selling of stocks. You can do this by performing a stock analysis. Two examples of analyses you can perform are technical and fundamental analysis.

Technical analysis works especially well in the short term. You can use this form of analysis to determine when it is best to buy AMG stocks. Technical levels are levels at which the price often bounces up or down.

With fundamental analysis, you look more at the performance of the company. For example, you look at the latest figures to determine whether the stock is currently worth buying. You also compare the company with other parties in the market.

For the rest, it is wise to apply sufficient diversification. Do not invest all your money in AMG stocks. Also invest in other sectors and other regions. In this way, you ensure a healthy portfolio that is sufficiently spread across the different types of shares.

About AMG

AMG stands for Advanced Metallurgical Group N.V. and is a publicly traded company headquartered in Amsterdam. AMG produces metallurgical products and systems for the energy, aerospace, infrastructure and speciality metals and chemicals markets. The company consists of several business lines.

In 2007 AMG was split into two divisions, Engineering Systems and Advanced Materials. The Engineering Systems division makes furnace systems for processing metal, while Advanced Materials designs and manufactures various metal products.

Strategy and future

AMG will always have to keep an eye on how the market develops. Currently, materials such as vanadium, aluminium, chrome and titanium seem to be interesting markets. In addition, the company is also interested in lithium, which is being used more and more.

AMG Investing

AMG as a green producer

Based on safe raw materials and strategies, vertical and horizontal consolidations and investments in technologies, AMG produces products that contribute to CO2 reduction.

AMG produces very high-purity metals and complex metal products. In addition, the company designs and manufactures vacuum furnaces that are used to produce high purity products. AMG delivers sustainable metal technology to the global energy, aerospace, infrastructure and Speciality Metals and Engineering Systems end markets by combining their production know-how with engineering expertise.

Strong global position

AMG has been around for over 100 years and therefore knows perfectly how to apply metallurgy-based technologies to industrial challenges. AMG is located all over the world with production sites in Germany, England, France, America, the Czech Republic, Brazil, Mexico and Sri Lanka, among others. It also has Sales and Customer Service offices in Belgium, Russia, China and Japan.

This international spread makes it extra interesting to buy AMG stocks. If one region lags behind, you can offset the results with those in another region.

AMG itself was founded in November 2006 in the Netherlands, while the original basis of the company for the development and production of special metals was already established in 1911 in Germany under the name GfE Gesselschaft für Elektrometallurgie mbH in Nuremberg.

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