How to buy Intelsat shares?

Intelsat is one of the world’s major players in the field of satellite communications. The fleet of communication satellites at its disposal consists of more than 52 satellites which makes it one of the largest fleets of commercial satellites on the planet.

Initially, Intelsat was founded as an ‘International Telecommunications Satellite Organization’. In 2004, the company was taken over by a group of international investors. The acquisition involved an amount of some 3 billion dollars. Do you want to invest in Intelsat? On this page you can read how to buy Intelsat stocks!

Where can you buy Intelsat shares?

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One of the leading satellite communications companies

Many things have made Intelsat, over the years, perhaps the world’s leading satellite communications company. This applies, for example, to the fact that the company is known for always using the most impressive satellites of the current generation. This ensures that the use of sufficiently powerful rockets must always be taken into account when launching the satellites.

In the past, Intelsat was one of the companies that benefited from keeping the Ocean Odyssey marine launching platform operational. This changed in 2014 when it was decided not to use the floating launch platform anymore. On 30 May 2012, Intelsat signed an agreement with SpaceX for the delivery of one of the first Falcon Heavy launch vehicles.

Intelsat shares

History of Intelsat

For the creation of Intelsat we need to go way back in time. Many people and potential investors do not know this, but it was former US President John F. Kennedy who, in his speech to the United Nations on 25 September 1961, first mentioned the establishment of a satellite communications company.

Barely one year later, the President signed the so-called ‘Communications Satellite Act’. The creation of Intelsat was thus a fact, albeit under the name ‘International Telecommunications Satellite Organization’. The company remained operational until the year 2001. In that year, it could be established that the international satellite market was fully commercialized.

The above meant that a privatization of Intelsat seemed to be in order … and so it happened. On 18 July 2001, 37 years after the company was founded, it was decided to privatize Intelsat. In January 2005, Intelsat was sold for USD 3.1 billion to four private investment companies. These were Madison Dearborn, Apax Partners, Permira and Apollo Global Management. The company also became the owner of the world-famous ‘PanAmSat’ on 3 July 2006.

At the time of writing, therefore, Intelsat may rightly call itself the world’s largest provider of satellite services. In June 2007 BC Partners acquired 76 percent of Intelsat. It paid a handsome sum of USD 3.75 million for this.

investing in Intelsat

The pros and cons for an investment in Intelsat

As one of the world’s leading satellite communications companies, it goes without saying that the company has a not inconsiderable attraction among potential investors. Over the years, Intelsat has been able to hold its own in the turbulence that is the international satellite market after all. By constantly innovating and using the best possible satellites of their generation, they have always managed to outperform many competitors.

Having said that, the satellite communications market remains an incredibly competitive market. The favourable results it has achieved in the past are therefore in no way a yardstick for the future. This is an important point that any investor should be aware of.


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