Trading hours of the Italian stock exchange (Borsa Italiana)

What are the opening hours of the Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Italiana) and on which days is it closed? Here you can find all the information you need!

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What are the trading hours of the Italian Stock Exchange?

You can trade on the Italian Stock Exchange from 9:00 until 17:25 in the early evening. Outside these hours, you can place orders, and it is possible to trade in the pre- or post-market. Professional parties mainly do the latter. With the advent of online brokers, private individuals can increasingly make use of this possibility.

We use a script to determine the exact opening & closing times of the Italian Stock Exchange in your time zone. You can trade the shares listed on the Borsa Italiana from ##T|8:00## to ##T|16:30##.

Opening hours FTSE MIB

The FTSE MIB is the largest and best-known stock market index of the Borsa Itliana. You can easily trade this index with an online broker. The trading hours of the FTSE MIB are the same as those of the regular Italian Stock Exchange.

On what days is the Italian Stock Exchange closed in 2023?

Even the Italians themselves sometimes want to go on holiday. On several special days, the stock exchange of Italy is closed. Below, you can see an overview of the days on which the Italian Stock Exchange or the Borsa Italiana is closed.

DateBank holiday
April 7Good Friday
April 10Easter
May 1Labour Day
August 15Assumption Day
December 25 & 26Christmas

As you can see, the Italian Stock Exchange is open most of the year. Only during the most famous special holidays, the stock exchange is closed. On these days, you will hardly be able to trade on any stock exchange.

Investing italy

Where can you invest in the Italian stock exchange?

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Background information Italian stock exchange

The Borsa Italiana is the largest and most well-known stock exchange in Italy. Nowadays, the stock exchange is completely owned by Euronext.

The stock exchange was founded in 1808 and was immediately publicly accessible. At that time, most Italian cities had their exchange, as the country was not yet united.

Shares on the Italian Stock Exchange trade in euros. Keep in mind that your investment may decrease in value when your currency becomes stronger relative to the Italian currency.

The Italian Stock Exchange is located in Milan. You can visit the website of the stock exchange here. The full address details are:

Piazza degli Affari 6
20123 Milan

You can also reach the stock exchange at [email protected] or +39 390 272 4261.

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