How to buy Nikola Corporation shares?

Nikola might be the next Tesla. A modest investment in Nikola Corporation could therefore be interesting. But what is the best place to invest in Nikola? And what is Nikola’s current price? In this article you can read all about the company!

Where can you buy Nikola stocks?

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How to actively invest in Nikola Corporation?

Actively investing in a company like Nikola can be interesting. After all, the share is very volatile: in 2020, the share reached a top of 60 dollars, while the stock fell back considerably to 20 dollars. The share fell in value because its founder was put in a bad light for allegedly committing fraud.

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What is Nikola’s current stock price?

Are you curious to know how the price of Nikola shares is evolving? In the chart below you can see at what price you can buy & sell Nikola CFD shares.

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Company details of Nikola Corporation

In the overview below, you see the most important company details of Nikola Corporation:

Analysis of Nikola Corporation

Before you decide whether you want to buy or sell Nikola Corporation, it is important to analyse the stock. In the overview, you see how Nikola Corporation developed in the last period.

Stock prices of the last 5 days

In the table, you can see the latest stock prices of Nikola Corporation in the last 5 days:

What will the stock price of Nikola Corporation do in 2023?

Are you curious what analyst believe that Nikola Corporation will do in 2023 and the years to come? With the help of the date of Alpha Vantage we combined the predictions of analysts. Please remember that these predictions are uncertain. Therefore, always conduct your research!

About the company Nikola

Since electric and climate-neutral driving is increasingly becoming the norm, manufacturers of modern vehicles have not been sitting still. This has even led to the creation of Nikola Corporation in 2016. This is a company founded in Phoenix in the state of Arizona in the United States. Nikola Corporation stands for being sustainable and is therefore focused on making zero-emission vehicles, or in other words vehicles with which you can drive many miles on without harming the ozone layer and the climate.

The name Nikola Corporation comes from the famous inventor Nikola Tesla, as well as another major player in the field of emission-free driving. In 2015, founder Trevor Milton started the concept under the name Nikola Motor Company and changed this name a year later to be able to focus on the market a bit more broadly.

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Growth of the company

Nikola Corporation has grown enormously in size and value in a short time. Where it started as an individual company, additional subsidiaries were soon added. Well-known subsidiaries are Nikola One and Nikola Tre, which mainly focus on trucks with six wheels that run on hydrogen. These trucks are mainly intended for the European market. Other subsidiaries of Nikola Corporation are Nikola Powersports and Nikola Energy Company, which focus on environmentally friendly sports cars and family cars powered by electricity.

Nikola Corporation’s growth is mainly due to many collaborations and takeovers. The hydrogen-powered trucks, for example, were made possible through a partnership with Iveco, an Italian manufacturer of large vehicles such as trucks and buses. In 2020, the value of Nikola Corporation went up exponentially by, among other things, entering into a partnership with General Motors, America’s largest and best-known car manufacturer, to jointly design a pick-up truck.

Also in 2020, Nikola Corporation became a listed company. This was possible because Milton had made a deal with VectoIQ, an existing listed company that did not have many activities on the stock exchange. Through a so-called reverse takeover, Nikola Corporation could acquire VectoIQ to compete on the US technology exchange NASDAQ.

The shares of Nikola Corporation

Environmentally friendly driving in any form is becoming increasingly popular and this is also evident at Nikola Corporation. The company’s stocks on the stock exchange rose quite rapidly in the first year. The value of Nikola Corporation before going public was estimated to be around 13 billion dollars, with sales of 80 million dollars in the first half of this year alone.

Since Nikola Corporation has only been listed on the stock exchange for a short time, it is not yet possible to say how much the company will increase in value. However, the future looks very bright for Nikola Corporation, and therefore also for its shareholders. Electric cars are getting more and more popular and entrepreneurs and individuals are looking for ways to minimize their carbon footprint. Because of this, companies like Nikola Corporation will gain more and more ground, especially when electric driving becomes the standard.

A share in Nikola Corporation is a good option for those who still want to enter this market. Because of the name recognition and the popularity of electric driving, Nikola’s stock price could rise even further. Founder Trevor Milton is a living example of this. He is no longer working as the owner of the company, but still earns well from his share of the realization of the company.

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