How to buy General Motors shares (2024)? – invest in General Motors

General Motors is a large American car manufacturer that sells its cars in more than 35 different countries. Do you want to buy General Motors shares? In this article, you can discover to invest in General Motors stocks online!

How to buy General Motors shares?

General Motors increasingly focuses on the Chinese and Indian markets. These regions are appealing, as both countries are strongly rising in prosperity, which allows people to afford a new car. If the company manages to establish a strong position in these markets, their revenue could increase significantly.

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Why could it be wise to buy General Motors shares?

  • Strong brand: General Motors has a strong reputation and is active in 100 countries. This makes the company less dependent on the economic situation in one specific region.
  • Diversification: General Motors receives income from brands such as Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, and GMC.
  • Technological innovation: General Motors develops electric vehicles. An example is the Chevrolet Bolt EV, which was the first electric car that could travel long distances.

The risks of investing in General Motors stocks

  • Economy: People buy new cars mostly when the economy performs well. When people have little to spend, they postpone buying a new car.
  • Environment: General Motors produces a lot of pollution, which could put pressure on the company.
  • Competition: General Motors faces strong competition from other car manufacturers.

Who are the competitors of General Motors?

How to invest in General Motors shares?

  • Step 1: First, study the financial figures of General Motors and determine if it is an interesting investment.
  • Step 2: open an account with a reliable stockbroker where you can buy General Motors shares.
  • Step 3: deposit enough money into your investment account. Before you can deposit money, you first need to activate your investment account.
  • Step 4: Enter the amount you want to invest and press buy to buy General Motors shares immediately.
  • Step 5: Don’t forget to evaluate your investment regularly in General Motors shares.

What is the General Motors stock price?

The General Motors stock price can vary every day. As an investor, it is therefore wise to keep an eye on the General Motors stock price. Use the button below to open a trading position directly.

Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

Company information of General Motors

Below you can find the key company information of General Motors.

Analysis of General Motors shares

Before deciding whether to buy or sell General Motors shares, it is important to analyze the stock first. In the overview below, you can see how General Motors has developed over the past period.

Stock prices of GML over the last 5 days

In the table below, you can see the stock prices of General Motors for the last 5 days:

What is the performance of General Motors stock in 2024?

Are you curious about what analysts think General Motors will do in 2024 and the years to come? Using data from Alpha Vantage, we have combined the predictions of analysts. Remember that this figure is just a prediction about the price trend of General Motors and that this prediction may not come true.

About General Motors Company

General Motors Company (GM) is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world. GM’s cars are sold in over 200 countries. Globally, GM has a market share of approximately 8.5%. The headquarters of this American company are located in Detroit, Michigan.

The first years of General Motors

The founder of General Motors Company is William Durant. He founded the company in 1908 in the town of Flint, Michigan. The company quickly acquired Olds Motor Works (Oldsmobile) and Cadillac. William Durant had to give up a part of his company to his creditors. Therefore, he decided to found Chevrolet Motor Company with Louis Chevrolet.

The profits of the successful Chevrolet made it possible to buy back shares of GM after which they decided to make Chevrolet part of General Motors.
Buying General Motors shares

Expansion of the company

The successful General Motors grew: in 1920, it opened its first office in Asia. Three years later, they also opened a factory in Copenhagen.

Not long after, factories and offices were built worldwide. General Motors opened offices in Argentina, Brazil, and Japan, among other places. GM also acquired various brands: in 1929, Opel and Pontiac were acquired.

General Motors in World War II

From 1942, GM no longer produced cars. Only war equipment, such as aeroplanes, cannons, and tanks, was produced. In Europe, the car factories were heavily damaged by bombings. It was not until 1950 that General Motors could produce cars again.

Growing interest in smaller cars

In the 1970s, there was a growing interest in smaller and cheaper cars from Japan. General Motors responded by introducing the diesel engine. The diesel engine made it possible to produce more fuel-efficient and cheaper cars. In addition, partnerships were formed with Toyota, Suzuki, Saab, Lotus, Ford, and Chrysler.

GM in trouble from 2005

In 2005, General Motors ran into trouble due to high debt. In that year, they decided to cut costs by laying off 30,000 workers in America and closing 12 factories. The company also decided to sell off its European division. With the profits from the sale of assets and with the help of government support, a new, smaller GM was created.

Today, General Motors is standing on its own two feet again. The company performs better and repaid the $38 billion in government support it received.

Should you buy General Motors shares?

General Motors stocks can be an interesting investment. It is wise to compare General Motors with other car manufacturers first. This allows you to determine whether an investment in General Motors stocks is the best choice.

Don’t forget to study the financial situation of General Motors. This way, you can get a better picture of the risks of investing in General Motors shares.

Remember that investing in General Motors, like investing in other stocks, carries risks. Therefore, research whether General Motors shares fit within your overall investment strategy.

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