How to buy Toyota Motor Corporation shares?

Toyota almost went bankrupt a long time ago: the Korean War came as a saviour since this brought in many new orders from the U.S. Army. Even today, they sell many cars outside of Japan. But how can you actually invest in this successful car company yourself? In this article we will discuss how to buy Toyota shares.

How to buy Toyota shares?

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How can you actively invest in Toyota?

For the investor who wants to get the most out of his portfolio, an active strategy can be attractive. When you actively trade or speculate on a stock you buy and sell it several times a month, week or sometimes even day. In this way you can respond to the latest developments. If the economic situation within a country is deteriorating, you can respond by selling the shares.

A good party to actively speculate on the price development of Toyota is Plus500. With Plus500 you speculate on the price development of Toyota with CFDs. By using CFD’s you can apply leverage: this allows you to take a larger position on the company with a small amount of money. Would you like to try the possibilities with an unlimited demo? That’s possible! Use the button below and open a free demo at Plus500:

86% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

What is the Toyota stock price?

Are you curious how the Toyota share performs? In the graph below you can see how CFD Toyota shares are performing. You can also use the buy and sell buttons to directly open a trading position.

Is it smart to invest in Toyota?

Before considering an investment in Toyota, it is important to investigate how the stock fits within your portfolio. For example, consider whether you are looking for a stable or riskier share. Also consider how the stock fits within your investment portfolio in relation to other stocks you already own.

A good argument for buying Toyota shares is the nice balance the company has found between stability and innovation. The company pays a stable dividend and has been producing reliable and popular cars for years. At the same time, Toyota does try to innovate by, for example, researching self-propelled cars. This type of project can boost the company’s profitability in the future.

buy toyota shares

Another good argument for buying Toyota shares is the fact that the company has taken a 20% stake in the competitor Subaru. By doing so, the risks are diversified and the stability of the share improved.

However, when investing in Toyota, you should pay attention to the exchange rate of the Japanese Yen. When you buy the shares in another currency, your investment may become worthless in your currency. Also pay attention to the economic situation. When the economy is in a dip, people are less likely to buy new cars.

About the company Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in the world. Currently, based on sales numbers, the company ranks second after Volkswagen. In 2012, Toyota was the first car manufacturer to produce more than 10 million vehicles a year. In Japan, Toyota is the largest industrial company. The headquarters of this Japanese company are located in Toyota, Aichi.

The establishment of Toyota

Founder of Toyota is the inventor Kiichiro Toyota. His father, Sakichi Toyota, invented the mechanical loom at the end of the nineteenth century. Together with his son, he built the first automatic loom in 1924.

Kiichiro Toyota became acquainted with the automotive industry during visits to the US. He decided to start producing cars. The sale of the patent rights to the automatic loom raised 100,000 pounds. In 1937, Kiichiro Toyota founded the Toyota Motor Corporation.

The best cars in the world

Toyota wanted to make the best cars in the world. Kiichiro Toyota introduced the Toyota Production System based on Just-in-time production. Only the exact quantity of products already ordered is produced: waste is then minimal. This system became known worldwide as ‘lean manufacturing’. This system was taken over by several manufacturers. The cars produced by Toyota became known for their reliability.

Toyota comes to Europe

Toyota began selling its cars in Europe in 1963 by shipping them to Denmark. The Netherlands followed a year later and the company began to grow in Europe.

In 2006, the 10-millionth Toyota was delivered. In 2010, more than 1 million cars were sold each year for the first time. The car brand has an excellent reputation for reliability and customer service. Further growth in Europe is therefore certainly possible. Do you think this growth will continue? Then it could certainly be interesting to buy Toyota shares.

The popular Corolla

In 1966, the best-selling model Toyota Corolla appeared on the market. Soon after its introduction, the model was exported to seven countries. The demand for this model increased worldwide. Toyota decided to build a new factory especially for the Corolla. The export of the Corolla grew steadily to 10,000 cars in 1969

This number had already doubled a year later. Five years after the introduction of the Corolla, the millionth car was exported.

Market leader hybrid electric cars

In terms of sales of hybrid electric cars, Toyota is the market leader. The company encourages the acceptance of hybrid cars around the world. Sales reached a milestone in January 2017.

Total sales of the Toyota and Lexus hybrid models reached 10 million. The best-selling hybrid in the world is the Toyota Prius. The company is also market leader in the field of hydrogen fuel cell cars.

These new, green techniques fit in well with the current times. Clients & investors find it increasingly important that a company conducts its business in a socially responsible way. The fact that Toyota attaches great importance to this can be a good reason to buy the shares.

New factory for electric cars

In March 2020, Toyota announces that the company plans to build a new factory for electric cars in China. The factory will be built together with the FAW group. This is a Chinese joint venture partner. Together with this joint venture partner Toyota already sells an electric version of the Toyota C-HR. It is said that 1.07 billion euros will be invested in the new factory. In time, 200,000 electric cars will have to be produced annually.

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