Online brokers

In this informative section you can read a lot about brokers. Before you open a demo account with a broker, it would be wise to check which broker best fits your personal situation. Our list of best brokers makes it easy to select a broker that suits your needs!

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Is Plus500 a scam?

Read moreMany people wonder if Plus500 is a scam. In this article we investigate whether Plus500 is a con. Is the software of Plus500 100% legitimate?  Tip: test Plus500 with a demo Are you unsure if Plus500 is any good? Then it may be wise to first get acquainted with the… Read more..

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How do brokers hedge?

Read moreYou may have read it: brokers hedge. At first, this does not seem logical. After all, hedging is taking an opposite position and that would reduce the profit for the broker. However, brokers are not crazy and only hedge positions that are available internally. Tip: Click… Read more..

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