How to obtain Bitcoins? 5 proven methods!

Are you curious about how to obtain Bitcoins yourself? In this article, we will explore the different ways to get hold of one or more Bitcoins.

Option 1: Buy Bitcoins yourself

A well-known method to obtain Bitcoins is by buying them yourself through a crypto exchange. A crypto exchange is a party that makes it possible to buy and sell a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin. You can Bitcoins with one of these reliable crypto exchanges:

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When buying Bitcoins, it is important to time your investment correctly. Too many people make the mistake of buying Bitcoins at the top and then losing a lot of money. Do you want to know how to time buying Bitcoins? Then read this article.

Option 2: Mine Bitcoins yourself

You can also choose to mine Bitcoins yourself. With mining you try to find new Bitcoins by verifying transactions. These transactions are in a digital box with a lock on it. The person (or computer) who is first to crack the code receives Bitcoins as a reward.

There is special software that you can use to obtain Bitcoins through mining. However, this is not an easy task: it takes many billions of attempts to find the correct key. Despite this challenge, rewards are issued every 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, the investments needed to mine Bitcoins have risen sharply. In the past, you could still mine Bitcoins with your computer, but nowadays, you need hardware that costs more than $10,000. Additionally, you consume a lot of energy during the mining process, which means that this activity only takes place in areas where electricity is relatively cheap.

You can still join a mining pool: together with thousands of other users, you combine computer power and receive a portion of the reward depending on the computer power you contribute yourself.

Option 3: Receive Bitcoins as Payment

Another way to acquire Bitcoins is by receiving them as payment. When you perform tasks such as translation work online, you can ask to be paid in Bitcoins. After all, Bitcoin is an online currency and is also a good payment method.

Option 4: Referring other people

You can also receive Bitcoins by referring other people to a crypto broker. This allows you to earn Bitcoins for free and without risk. At Bitvavo, when you open an account, you receive 15% of the commissions earned by the broker.

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Option 5: Can you receive Bitcoins for free?

There was a time when you could easily obtain free Bitcoins. For example, one website gave away free Bitcoins when you solved captcha puzzles. Unfortunately, those times have passed, and if you want to receive free Bitcoins now, you need to be very lucky. You could perhaps look for a contest. For instance, a while ago, a Dutch radia station gave away a free Bitcoin to the winner of a radio game.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are several ways to get Bitcoins, but the most obvious one is to buy them from a crypto broker. Mining Bitcoins has become expensive, and the chance of getting them for free is small.

That’s entirely up to you! There are different strategies you can apply for your Bitcoin investments. Some people prefer to hold on to them for as long as possible, while others actively trade them. Click here to learn about different methods you can use to decide when to sell your Bitcoins.

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