How can you buy Signify shares?

Signify used to be part of Philips and produces lighting. Are you thinking about investing in Signify shares? In this article, we will discuss exactly where & how to invest in Signify. You can also find the current stock price of Signify shares on this page.

Where can you buy Signify stocks?

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How can you actively invest in Signify shares?

The price of Signify shares has made quite some leaps in the past. The share price regularly drops ten euros in a short period to rise again by a similar amount. As an active investor, you can benefit from this kind of strong price fluctuations: you can place orders on both rising and falling prices.

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About the Signify company

The company Signify is a Dutch producer of light sources for the consumer and professional market. The company, which used to be part of Koninklijke Philips Electronics B.V., changed its name from Philips Lighting to Signify in May 2018. After this name change, the company will continue to carry the company name, Philips.

Signify, which focuses on the lighting market, produces incandescent lamps, halogen lamps, fluorescent lamps, HID lamps, and LED lamps. In addition, the company sells ballasts, fixtures, and other electronic components.  The company, which operates in 180 countries, has its sales offices in 70 countries and factories in 22 countries. Signify is headquartered in Eindhoven.

Buy Signify shares

Company history

The predecessor of the division ‘Lightning’ was the main industry group ‘Light’. Lightning was one of Philips’ first activities, as the company began in 1891 as an incandescent lamp factory producing carbon-filament lamps. In 1909 Philips began manufacturing metal wire lamps and in 1925 the company produced its first radio lamp.

The Head Industrial Group Light, founded in 1946, was one of the Head Industrial Groups of the Philips Group until 1988. In that year it became one of the divisions within Philips. Now it is one of the three group divisions of Philips.

The company goes public

Philips Lightning became an independent business unit in May 2015, subject to shareholder approval. It was not possible to sell this independent business unit for the desired price to private equity parties. Therefore, Philips decided to put Philips Lightning on the stock exchange in May 2016. The company was listed on the Amsterdam stock exchange.  At the time of the IPO, Philips Lightning, which had a company turnover of 7.4 billion euros, was one of the larger listed companies.

The introduction price of the share was 20 euros and more than 43 million shares were sold at the time of the IPO, which is just over a quarter of the total number of stocks. The proceeds from these share sales were 862.5 million euros. In April 2017, Philips sold a further 22.3 million shares at 28.80 euros. The last shares were sold in September 2019. The shares of Philips Lightning, as of May 2018 Signify, were included in the AEX index until March 2019. From March 2019, the Signify shares will be part of the AMX.

Companies acquired and sold

In 1981 Philips took over the lighting division of the American Westinghouse Company. The LED lamp started its advance at the end of the 20th century. In 1999 Philips Lighting and Agilent Technologies founded a joint venture to develop and sell LEDs. By taking over the lighting fixture manufacturers Massive in 2006 and the Genlyte Group in 2007, Philips tried to strengthen its position in the LED lamp market.

In October 2019, it was announced that Signify was going to acquire the American company Cooper Lighting Solutions for approximately 1.3 billion euros. This acquisition strengthens Signify’s position in the professional market in North America.

Philips Lighting also sold companies. The Springe luminaire factory in Germany was sold to the Dutch investment company Varova in 2010. This investment company also bought the TL factory and the glass factory in Chalon-sur-Saône in 2012. The glass factory in Winschoten was sold to the German QSIL in 2016.

Do you think this type of acquisition or sale will contribute to Signify’s operating results? Then it may be attractive to invest in Signify by buying the shares.

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