How to buy Singapore Airlines shares?

Singapore Airlines is often acclaimed as the best airline in the world. Would you also like to invest in an airline with a similarly good reputation? Then you have come to the right place! In this article you can read how to buy Singapore Airlines shares. You can also request the latest share price here.

Where can you buy Singapore Airlines stocks?

Do you want to buy Singapore Airlines shares? You can directly trade in Singapore Airlines stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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Do you want to actively trade in Singapore Airlines? You can with Plus500! At this broker it is possible to actively trade CFD’s on the Singapore Airlines stock. With CFD’s you can respond flexibly to the latest market developments. Is the price of oil rising sharply, for example? Then you can decide to sell the share. You can try this method of trading completely free of charge and without risk with a demo account. Use the button below to open a free account:

86% of retail CFD accounts lose money.

Is it wise to invest in Singapore Airlines?

There are both arguments for and against investing in Singapore Airlines. It is a good thing that the world’s population is becoming increasingly prosperous: this will enable more and more people to pay for airline tickets. If the aeroplane is used more often to go on a holiday, this will be beneficial for Singapore Airlines.

At the same time, business flights are expected to decrease. Especially after the corona pandemic, companies are used to online communication and meetings. It is precisely from business customers that an airline like Singapore Airlines can make good money.

Another risk for investments in Singapore Airlines is international regulations. The negative aspects of flying are increasingly becoming the focus of government policy. Flying is anything but environmentally friendly and governments are trying to make flying more expensive. This can therefore be a major risk for long-term investments in Singapore Airlines shares.

What is Singapore Airlines’ current stock price?

Would you like to consult the latest Singapore Airlines stock price? In the graph below you can see the most recent CFD share price of Singapore Airlines. You can also use the buttons to directly open a position on the share.

About Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is Singapore’s largest airline. This Asian airline cooperates with other airlines. In the Star Alliance partnership, Singapore Airlines cooperates with, for example, the German Lufthansa, Air Canada, Air Brussels, Austrian Airlines and SAS. The alliance now consists of 29 countries.

singapore airlines

History of Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines was founded in 1947 under the name Malayan Airways. This name was chosen because it was the airline for Singapore and for neighbouring Malaysia. In 1972 this airline was split. That is how the airlines Malaysia Airlines and Singapore Airlines came into existence.

After this demerger Singapore Airlines continued to grow in Asia. Boeing’s 707 and 737 were added to the fleet. From the 1980s Singapore Airlines started flying to European and North American destinations. In the 90s they started flying to South Africa.

In 2000 Singapore Airlines was the first customer for the yet to be built new Airbus A380. 19 aircraft were ordered and an option was taken on 15 additional aircraft of this type. The construction of the aircraft was delayed. Only in 2007 the first A380 was solemnly handed over to Singapore Airlines. With this aircraft, a scheduled service was maintained between Singapore and Sidney.

A short-lived supersonic adventure

Singapore Airlines decided in December 1979 to join British Airways in flying between Bahrain and Singapore. It flew with the supersonic Concorde. This British Concorde was painted on two sides: on one side of the fuselage the Concorde had a Singapore Airlines painting and on the other side the plane had a British Airways painting. The supersonic adventure of Singapore Airlines was not a success: after only a week the flights were stopped.

Flights were suspended because Malaysia banned overflying the Concorde. Two years later, the Concorde was again flown under all kinds of restrictions.  As a result, the supersonic part of the route became shorter and shorter. In addition, the occupancy rate of the aircraft continued to decline. Singapore Airlines stopped flying with the Concorde on the 1st of November 1989.

This type of innovation can have a strong influence on the Singapore Airlines share price. Do you see the company trying something new in the future? In that case, it may be interesting to actively invest in the stock.

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