How to buy Six Flags Entertainment Corp shares?

Six Flags is the second largest amusement park group in the United States after Disney. Six Flags owns a total of over 40 theme parks. The majority of these parks are located in the United States. The only exception is one theme park in Mexico. But did you know that you can also actively invest in Six Flags? In this article, you can see where you can buy Six Flags shares against low fees. You can also request the current stock price of Six Flags here.

Where can you buy Six Flags stocks?

Do you want to buy Six Flags shares? You can directly trade in Six Flags stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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How can you actively invest in Six Flags?

Do you want to actively invest in Six Flags? A big advantage of active investing is that you can respond to the latest developments. The Six Flags share has been very volatile. This was partly because the amusement park in China was not opened. When this kind of bad news comes out, you can place an order at a falling price.

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What is the current stock price of Six Flags Entertainment Corp?

Do you want to know how the price of the Six Flags share is performing? Then you’ve come to the right place on this page! Below you can see the current price of the CFD share Six Flags. Would you like to trade Six Flags directly? Then use one of the buttons to place an order.

Hoping for more visitors

Six Flags has had some difficult years. That is why they have sold part of their parks in recent years. Moreover, they have decided to focus more on families. In this way, they hope to attract a new group of visitors.

Do you think this is enough to increase visitor numbers? Then it might be wise to buy Six Flags shares.

Six Flags investing

Danger of competition

Amusement parks are quite vulnerable: this is because there is always the danger of competition. Most families only visit one amusement park per year or half-year. You have to be the most interesting amusement park in the region to attract these people. It seems that Six Flags has tough competition.

This competition comes in the form of the new Disney’s Star Wars Galaxy Edge Parks that have just opened in California and Florida. The competing park Cedar Fair has also opened. Before investing in Six Flags, it is wise to first analyse whether Six Flags can still handle the strong competition.

Why Six Flags shares may rise in the future

According to investment experts, the price of Six Flags, with 25 amusement parks in the United States, two amusement parks in Mexico, and one amusement park in Canada, is set to rise. They mention the following reasons:

Too powerful reaction to the price decline

The decline is partly unjustified. The quarterly figures of 2020 were not received well by investors. The quarterly figures were less good due to the postponement of the opening of an amusement park in China. Also, the CEO of the company announced his departure. That is why investors fear that the company will perform worse in the future. That fear can be exaggerated.

Rising turnover

Turnover has been growing since 2009. Turnover growth last year was more than 8%. They have a dynamic ticket system, with cheaper tickets when it rains or when it is winter. They also have various forms of subscription which is appreciated by visitors. The number of visitors is increasing.

Expansion parks

9% of the turnover is invested in keeping existing parks alive and in new parks. Six Flags mainly sees opportunities for expansion in China. New parks are likely to lead to strong sales growth. Do you have confidence in the international investments of Six Flags? Then it can certainly be attractive to buy shares in Six Flags.

Cash flow and dividend

The company has a strong cash flow: this means that the company gets enough money. Also, the dividend of the Six Flags share in 2019 will be 6.7%. This attractive dividend yield makes it attractive for investors to buy Six Flags shares.

The story behind the flags

The company is called Six Flags because six different flags have been waved in the home state of Texas. The flags that have waved are those of Spain, France, Mexico, the Lone Star Flag, and the flags of the United States and the Confederate States of America.

The park with the highest roller coaster

Which park has the highest roller coaster? Years of competition between Six Flags and Cedar Park has stimulated developments in the roller coaster industry. One of the largest and fastest roller coasters in the world, the Kingda Ka, is located in the Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park.

Do you think this super-fast roller coaster will attract many visitors? Then you can consider an investment in Six Flags.

The price increase was followed by a price decrease

The Six Flags share price rose from around 34 to around 72 euros in the period from January 2014 to January 2018. This increase was followed by a sharp decline. In January, the share price had dropped to approximately 36 euros. Is the end of the share price decline insight? Will there perhaps be a new, prolonged rise in the share price?

Investing in Six Flags shares is not without risk. Perhaps the share is currently undervalued. The fact is that you can profit from these short trips down and up by actively trading Six Flags. Volatility is your best friend this way. Investing then becomes a bit like an exciting roller coaster ride!

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