Buying StormX: How to invest in StormX?

Over the years, the crypto market has become increasingly popular. This is because over time, the crypto market has become a place of opportunities for entrepreneurs and investors. One of the cryptocurrencies that many people invest in is StormX.

StormX is the crypto currency that belongs to the platform Storm. Storm is a platform that brings employees and employers together. This mini-employment market is growing in popularity because it is available to everyone. You don’t need a bank account to receive payments in cryptocurrencies. Even workers in developing countries can get paid through Storm.

After all, they often have a phone on which they can download the Storm application but do not have a bank account. Because this platform is growing in popularity, its crypto currency is also increasing in value. That is exactly why it is beneficial to start investing in StormX today. After all, when this cryptocurrency becomes even more popular in the future, you will be able to sell your crypto coins at a great profit.

Where can you trade in StormX?

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How to buy StormX?

StormX is an interesting investment! With this crypto platform, the creators want to capitalise on ‘mini-labour’. You can perform various tasks via the platform and you will subsequently be paid in the StormX token. This allows people in developing countries without bank accounts to earn money by doing small jobs. But where is the best place to buy StormX crypto tokens?

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What is StormX?

Storm is a decentralized platform based on blockchain technology. The platform is decentralized because there is no central authority (i.e. no government or bank) that knows exactly where all the money is and how much money is in circulation. This information is all held by millions of computers around the world which are all connected to the blockchain network.

Storm’s platform can be used as a kind of labour market. Companies can offer assignments that cannot be done by computers and individuals can offer their labour in exchange for a certain number of crypto coins. Of course, these payments are made in the digital currency developed by the creators of Storm. The name of this cryptocurrency is StormX.

The founders of StormX

Storm’s platform is in full development. In addition, the crypto money of Storm, the StormX cryptocurrency, is also becoming increasingly popular. To keep all these developments on track, a team of eighteen people is working behind the scenes of Storm and StormX. This team is led by Simon Yu (former Financial Analyst at Amazon), Arry Yu (over 20 years of working experience at Google, Microsoft and KPMG) and Shean Zhong (over 20 years of Software Engineering experience). One of these leaders is also the founder of StormX. Simon Yu is the big brains behind the creation of Storm’s platform and its cryptocurrency called StormX.

What are the applications of StormX?

StormX is a cryptocurrency that can be used to reward people for work they have done. Employees can find work on the platform that was created by the creators of StormX. This platform is called Storm. On this platform, employers and clients can post small jobs that Storm users can view. Users can then take on these jobs and turn them into employees. When the assignment has been successfully completed, the employee is paid in StormX.

Investing in StormX

What does Storm offer to users?

Storm is a platform which gives users an opportunity to earn cryptocurrencies. They can earn these cryptocurrencies by performing small tasks such as giving their opinion on a product, giving feedback on a commercial or rating a website. These tasks are so simple that they can easily be performed on a phone. This is why Storm’s platform has also been launched in the form of an app. The cryptocurrencies in which users can be paid are different. The most commonly used cryptocurrency for pay-outs is, of course, StormX.

What does Storm offer companies?

Storm is a platform that also has a lot to offer to entrepreneurs. They can easily recruit employees or individuals for market research, for example. After all, there are many people active on the crypto market who are only too happy to carry out work in exchange for cryptocurrencies.

As mentioned earlier, you as an entrepreneur or company can place a call on Storm’s platform. You can ask for feedback on a product that you have created or ask for people’s opinions on a game that you have developed. Subsequently, individuals respond to this call. Upon successful completion of the task, you pay these individuals with StormX crypto coins.

The future prospects of StormX

Storm is a platform that is still in full development. The team behind this platform certainly has many plans for the future of the digital currency platform. However, few of these plans have been made public. Therefore, it is impossible to say for sure how StormX will develop in the future. However, Storm’s application is very popular, and it is to be expected that it will become even more popular in the future. This is because it is a labour market where everyone can participate. Even workers from developing countries who do not have a bank account can earn money through StormX.

How to buy StormX?

StormX is a digital currency that you can buy on various platforms. Before you start buying StormX it is advisable to compare various StormX brokers. Brokers are websites or platforms where you can buy cryptocurrencies. At some brokers transactions are free of charge. Of course, it is attractive to buy StormX through these brokers. However, not all platforms offer StormX. That is why it can sometimes be most profitable to first buy Bitcoins and to exchange them into StormX later on. You can easily find out at which brokers this is the case and what the transaction costs of the various brokers are on the internet.

Store StormX in a wallet

When you have bought crypto coins from StormX you will, of course, want to store them safely. Because crypto money is not physical money, you cannot buy a physical wallet to store your crypto money. Fortunately, there are online wallets that you can use. These wallets are also called ‘wallets’. There are two types of wallets in which you can store your digital currency. You can choose between a digital wallet and a hardware wallet. Both wallets have their advantages and disadvantages.

Digital wallet

A digital wallet, or online wallet, keeps track of how many crypto coins of each cryptocurrency you possess by means of a kind of Cloud. The advantage of an online wallet is that you can carry it with you on any device. Using a secure internet connection, you can open your wallet on your phone, laptop or tablet. Because you have to use an internet connection to use this wallet, this type of wallet is more sensitive to hackers.

Hardware wallet

A hardware wallet, also known as an ‘offline wallet’, is a type of wallet that allows you to store your cryptocurrencies without having to use a Cloud. Your cryptocurrencies are stored on external hardware. Many people advise to use a hardware wallet, because here you own the private key and therefore actually own the cryptocurrency.

Invest in StormX

The moment your wallet is filled with StormX cryptocurrencies you can start investing. You will do this by actively buying and selling StormX cryptocurrencies. By doing this at the right moment, you can gain a nice profit.

Would you like to invest in StormX? In that case, it is important that you do a lot of research in advance about the course of the price of this cryptocurrency in the past. On the basis of this, you can try to predict future developments.

Strategies for investing

Broadly speaking, there are two strategies that are commonly used when investing in StormX. These strategies are also called the ‘short term’ strategy and the ‘long term’ strategy. Both strategies will give you a profit. So, it is not the case that one strategy is better than the other. When you start investing with crypto money, you must choose a strategy which suits you and the digital coins you want to invest in.

Long-term strategy

An investor who uses the long-term strategy is not very active on the crypto market. He studies prices over a longer period of time and also sets expectations for longer periods. The digital coins of an investor in StormX who uses this strategy will remain in his/her wallet for a long time. After a relatively long period, the investor will sell his/her coins. Of course, this happens when the crypto coins are worth a lot.

Short-term strategy

If you want to invest using the short-term strategy, you will have to be very active on the crypto market. By closely monitoring the daily prices, you will be able to sell your digital currency at a very favourable price within a relatively short period of time. As a result of this, you as an investor will be able to make a profit in the short term by using this strategy.

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