How to buy WeChat shares (2023): invest in WeChat!

WeChat is the largest mobile application in the world. This can make it interesting to invest in WeChat by buying its shares. In this article, you can read directly whether it is wise to invest in WeChat.

How to buy WeChat shares?

WeChat is part of the company Tencent. You can therefore invest in WeChat by buying Tencent shares from a reliable stockbroker. The overview below immediately shows which stockbrokers you can use to buy Tencent stocks:

DateBank holiday
January 2New Year's Day
January 23 & 24Chinese New Year
April 7Good Friday
May 1Labor Day
June 3Vesak Day
June 29Eid al-Adha
August 9National Day
November 13Diwalli
December 25Christmas

It is important to also analyse Tencent’s other businesses. After all, with a Tencent share, you are not only investing in WeChat.

What are the strengths of WeChat shares?

  • Popular: WeChat is the most popular mobile application in the world and has especially many users in China.
  • Comprehensive features: WeChat offers more features than WhatsApp. With WeChat you can also make payments and shop online.
  • Revenue potential: since WeChat is also used for buying products, the company can sell advertising space more easily.
  • New markets: if WeChat manages to capture market share in other countries, the company could grow considerably.
  • Tencent: WeChat is part of Tencent, which is a large Chinese technology company known for its innovation.

What are the risks of investing in WeChat?

  • Chinese government: the Chinese government is increasingly regulating technology companies, which could limit growth.
  • Competition: competition from other social media applications is strong, both inside and outside China.
  • Ads: WeChat depends on the ad market. If the economy weakens, the company’s revenues are likely to fall.
  • Limited market: WeChat derives most of its profits from operations in China, which makes it vulnerable to local developments.
  • Censorship: the strict censorship imposed by the government may limit the company’s growth potential.

How can you invest in WeChat shares?

Step 1: Before you can invest in WeChat shares, you first need an account with a reliable stockbroker. In this overview you can compare the best brokers.

Step 2: You then need to verify your account. You verify your account by uploading a copy of your passport and proof of your address.

Step 3: Next, deposit enough money in your stock brokerage account to buy WeChat shares.

Step 4: Select the WeChat shares within the software and enter the amount you want to invest. Press the buy button to send the order to the stock exchange. It may then take a few seconds to minutes for the order to be processed.

About WeChat

WeChat is the most popular messaging service in China. WeChat falls under the technology company Tencent and offers several additional features. These include video calls & mobile payments.

WeChat is expanding its presence beyond China’s borders. The application is now available in various languages, making it easier to use.

However, WeChat’s growth is somewhat held back by the Chinese government’s strict controls. Messages within the application are actively monitored and censored, limiting privacy.

Buy Shares WeChat

Should you buy WeChat shares?

Investing in WeChat stocks could definitely be in your favour. The Chinese market is huge and because its features are so extensive, the company can make a lot of money with the application. However, the interference of the Chinese government can make an investment in WeChat risky. Therefore, research carefully whether buying WeChat shares fits into your broader investment strategy.

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