How to buy Ageas shares?

Ageas has been a company with a few insurance components since 2008. Banks and the Belgian State have bought up the remaining banking parts of the company. The heavily stripped-down form of the company has the advantage that the company can focus on the profitable activities. Consumer confidence in the company has increased in recent years. Are you thinking about investing in Ageas yourself? In this article you can read everything you need to know before you buy Agreas shares.

How to buy Ageas shares?

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How can you actively trade in Ageas?

During an economic crisis, you often see that financial companies perform badly. By opening a short position, you can speculate on a decreasing price. At the same time you can also speculate on increasing prices with a buy position.

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What is the stock price of Ageas?

Are you curious how Ageas is doing at the moment? In this graph you can see the price evolution of the CFD Ageas share over the past period. You can also use the buttons to open an investment position on the company immediately.

The big bank Ageas

Ageas was once a big bank and an insurer. The company was active in the Netherlands and Belgium. Under the name Fortis Holding, the company was the parent company of Fortis until 2008. In 2008, there was a financial crisis. The Fortis brand was lost.

By the intervention of both the Belgian and the Dutch authorities, important parts of Fortis were kept from going bankrupt. They bought business units from Fortis. What remained of the Fortis Holding was the Belgian and Dutch insurance branch and a majority stake in a loan portfolio.


Ageas share buy

The Ageas insurance company now

The name Fortis had suffered reputation damage. In 2010, with the agreement of the shareholders, the name of the company was changed to Ageas. Life insurance and other insurance are offered by the Belgian insurance company Ageas. The company has a 75% stake in the company AG Insurance. Ageas is the parent company of this company. Ageas is an important player in the insurance market. The company operates in 12 countries.

Active in Europe and Asia

Ageas is mainly active in Europe and Asia. Through joint ventures, Ageas operates in fast-growing countries in Asia. Countries in Asia where the company operates include The People’s Republic of China, Philippines, India, Thailand and Vietnam.

The components of Ageas

  • A 75% stake in AG Insurance. The original name of this company is Fortis Insurance Belgium.
  • Ageas Insurance International. The original name of this company is Fortis Insurance International.
  • A 45% stake in the structured loan portfolio Royal Park Investments.

Compensation for former shareholders Fortis

Shareholders have suffered losses due to Fortis’ demise. In 2016 Ageas came to an agreement with these former shareholders. Ageas was able to do so without acknowledging any wrongdoing. This settlement ended the most important of the legal proceedings. The company expressed its willingness to compensate the aggrieved shareholders by paying 1.2 billion euros.

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