How to buy Canon shares?

Smile! I know Canon mainly from the high-quality cameras that I regularly use on my travels. But did you know that a large portion of this Japanese company’s revenue comes from office products such as printers and copiers? If you think Canon is going to perform well in the future, it would be wise to invest in Canon by buying shares. We will investigate where to best invest in Canon & you can see the current Canon stock price on this page.

How to actively invest in Canon?

You can choose to actively invest in the Canon share. By actively trading Canon stocks, you can react to the latest developments. Good news and positive rumours can cause the price to rise, while negative news can put pressure on Canon’s stock price.

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Where to buy Canon shares?

Do you want to buy Canon shares? You can directly trade in Canon stocks with one of these reliable brokers:

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What is Canon’s current stock price?

As an investor, the stock price is unquestionably of importance! Below you will find an up-to-date overview of Canon’s CFD price. Do you want to trade in this stock? You can so by using the buttons next to the chart.

Is it wise to invest in Canon?

Most consumers use the camera on their phone, since the quality of the images has increased significantly. In 2010, 121 million digital cameras were sold worldwide, while in 2018 this number had fallen to just 19 million. Therefore, an investment in Canon does not seem to be the most attractive option at first.

Nevertheless, you can achieve good results by investing in Canon. The company anticipated the declining interest of consumers for cameras and does not depend on cameras for profitability. Canon has spread its risks sufficiently by dividing its activities into four divisions. The disappointing results from the camera market are compensated by the positive results of the printers that the company produces.

Another great advantage of an investment in Canon is that you can do this in good conscience. The company’s production process is free of conflict minerals and the company has strict requirements for its production chains.

Canon’s company history

Canon’s history begins in 1933 with the creation of Precision Optical Laboratory. The company developed a 35-mm camera equipped with Nikkor lenses. The camera, the Kwanon, appeared on the market in 1934.

Canon expanded its scope: for the film and television industry, Canon produced multiple lenses and cameras. An SLR camera, the Canonflex, was also introduced to the market. In the early 1980s, Canon brought inkjet printers with the new bubble jet technology to market.

Canon strengthened its position in the office equipment market by buying the Dutch company Océ in 2009. At present, Canon is a manufacturer of copiers, printers, all-in-one devices, calculators, medical equipment, and cameras. This diversification across various product groups can make it more interesting to invest in Canon shares.

canon shares

A reliable brand with a corporate philosophy

Canon is a brand with a solid reputation. The brand is seen as reliable worldwide. Canon’s corporate philosophy is Kyossei. What does this mean? That means Canon wants to coexist and work towards the common good. They want to achieve this by developing sustainable production methods and by offering the consumer many choices.

The most important regions and business units for turnover

Canon has four main markets: Japan, Europe, North and South America, and Asia. Each outlet contributes about 25% to the turnover.

Canon also has four Business Units of which the Office Business Unit is the most important. This Unit (copiers and printers) generates half of the turnover. Another revenue-important Business Unit is the Imaging Business Unit. This Business Unit (e.g. SLR cameras and image scanners) accounts for 25% of sales.

The other business units are the medical unit where, for example, MRT and X-ray machines are produced. The company is also active in the industry and other business unit,  which, for example, produced computer terminals and semiconductors. These units combined are responsible for the remaining 25% of the turnover. This spread across different product groups can make it interesting to invest in Canon.

Canon share analysis

Do you want to analyse how the company is performing? In that case, it is wise to look at economic developments in the main markets. Is Canon’s potential market in these regions increasing? Naturally, this can be encouraging for Canon’s profitability and this can have a positive effect on the price.

It is also important to look at the different business units. The office unit is responsible for half the turnover. Consequently, it is relatively important what happens there. Therefore, focus on the sectors that generate the most revenue and remember that growth potential can raise stock prices in the future.

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