Trading in CFDs course

More and more people are discovering the possibilities of trading in CFDs. CFD stands for contract for difference and this trading method gives small-time traders the possibility to earn a lot of money without the high stakes that previously were necessary.

Trading in CFDs is simpler, cheaper and faster than trading through a traditional trading account. In this section we discuss all the relevant aspects of trading in CFDs so you can get started right away. On this page you will find a compact course that will help you to trade successfully as a beginner right away.

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Why CFDs?

  • It is cheaper than traditional trading.
  • Thanks to a leverage of 50:1 you can earn an enormous profit with very little money!
  • With CFD brokers you usually receive a large (free) bonus from the start!
  • You can also earn when the prices go down by short selling.
  • You never lose more money than you put down.
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Information about trading CFDs

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