How to buy Electrolux shares?

Electrolux is a well-known Swedish electronics company that includes well-known brands such as AEG and Zanussi. Would you like to invest in Electrolux by buying its stocks? In this article you can read how to do this!

Where can you buy Electrolux stocks?

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How can you actively invest in Electrolux?

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What is Electrolux’s stock price?

Are you curious about how the Electrolux share price is developing? In the graph below you can see immediately at what price you can buy Electrolux shares:

Birth of Electrolux

In 1919, Elektro Mekaniska merged with Lux. The company Electrolux was born. In 1957, the company name was changed to Electrolux. Today Electrolux AB is the largest manufacturer of household appliances in the world. The company’s products are sold under the brand names Electrolux, Zanussi and AEG, among others.

The history of Electrolux

The company made hoovers in 1919. In the 1960s, things weren’t going very well for the company. According to the chairman of the board, the company was in trouble because it was too small in comparison with its foreign competitors. The company therefore had to grow considerably. In the 1970s and 1980s, Electrolux acquired many companies. Electrolux grew into a world-renowned company.

The largest part of the turnover, over 60%, is achieved by the sale of kitchen appliances. The sale of washing machines accounts for approximately 20% of turnover. The company’s main markets are Europe and North America. These markets each have a 30% share of total sales. Latin America, with a 20% share of total sales, is also an important market.

Companies acquired by Electrolux

Zanussi and AEG are two companies acquired by Electrolux. The loss-making Italian company Zanussi was acquired in 1984. In 1992, the household division of the German company AEG was acquired.

Electrolux announced in September 2014 its intention to buy the household division of the General Electric company for a sum in excess of EUR 2.5 billion. The purchase would strengthen the company’s position in the North American market. However, there was resistance from the regulators. The takeover would lead to less competition in the market for household appliances. Electrolux decided to call off the acquisition in December 2015.

Vacuum cleaners made from recycled and reused materials

In 2020, Electrolux is taking an important step towards the circularity of household appliances. Together with Stena Recycling, the company has developed a vacuum cleaner made exclusively of 100% recycled and reused materials. Both the plastic and the components come from used computers, hairdryers and vacuum cleaners, among other things.

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