How to buy FedEx shares (2024)? – Invest in FedEx

Almost everyone knows FedEx Corporation : this courier service is mainly active in America but also delivers packages in other regions. With the further growth of e-commerce, FedEx can achieve good results in the future. Do you want to invest in FedEx stocks yourself? In this article, we discuss how to buy FedEx & you can monitor the latest stock price.

How to buy FedEx shares?

When you want to buy FedEx shares for the long term, it’s important to analyze how the stock price develops. Avoid investing a lot of money at the top!

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What is the stock price of FedEx?

Are you curious about how the FedEx stock price? In the chart below, you can immediately see at what price you can buy & sell FedEx shares.

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Company information of FedEx Corporation

Below, you can find the most essential company information of FedEx Corporation.

Analysis of FedEx Corporation stock

Before you decide whether to buy or sell FedEx Corporation stocks, it’s critical to analyze the stock thoroughly. In the overview below, you can see how FedEx Corporation has performed over the past period.

Stock prices of FedEx over the last 5 days

In the table below, you can see the stock prices of FedEx Corporation for the last 5 days:

What will the price of FedEx Corporation do in 2024?

Are you curious about what analysts think FedEx Corporation will do in 2024 and the years after? We combined the predictions of analysts using the data from Alpha Vantage. Remember that this figure is just a prediction of the price development of FedEx Corporation and that this prediction does not have to come true.

What are the biggest opportunities of investing in FedEx shares?

  • Strong brand: FedEx is a strong and recognizable brand in the transportation industry.
  • Online orders: despite people sending fewer letters, people are increasingly ordering products via the internet. This can contribute to the profitability of FedEx.
  • Globally active: FedEx is globally active, which means that the company is not dependent on the performance in one specific region.
  • Innovation: FedEx makes its logistical network increasingly efficient, which enables it to keep up with the competition.

What risks should you consider when buying FedEx stocks?

  • Dependency: FedEx depends heavily on a few large customers for much of its revenue.
  • Strong competition: FedEx faces strong competition. Therefore, investigate how FedEx performs in relation to its competitors.
  • Oil price: FedEx’s results are closely tied to the price of oil. When oil becomes pricier, the company’s costs increase.
  • Regulation: Stricter regulations within countries can put pressure on the company’s performance.
  • Substitution: Amazon launches its delivery service. As more and more companies take on this task themselves, FedEx’s profitability may decrease.

What are FedEx’s biggest competitors?

How to you invest in FedEx shares?

  • Step 1: First, select a reliable stockbroker where you can trade FedEx shares.
  • Step 2: Then, enter the amount you want to invest. With modern online brokers, you can invest in shares from as little as $100.
  • Step 3: Decide whether you would like to use a limit order. With a limit order, you set a price that you’re willing to pay for the stock.
  • Step 4: Press “buy” to send the order to the stock exchange directly. Then, remember to evaluate your investment regularly.

About FedEx Corporation

FedEx Corporation, commonly known as FedEx, offers logistics and courier services. These services are offered by land, sea, and air.

FedEx Corporation has four business segments:

  • FedEx Express
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx Ground
  • FedEx Services

The main market for this publicly traded company, with shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is America. Approximately two-thirds of its revenue is generated there. FedEx’s headquarters is located in Memphis, Tennessee.
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The history of FedEx

The founder of this courier empire is Frederick W. Smith. During his studies at Yale, he writes an essay about the good prospects of a delivery service during the computer age. When Smith joins the US Army in 1966, he learns a lot about how the military operates their logistics.

In 1967, he founded the company Federal Express Corporation in Little Rock, Arkansas. His goal is to establish an internationally operating delivery service that can eventually deliver to all corners of the US.

Founding of FedEx

Smith chooses the city of Memphis as the company’s base of operations. There, he builds a central distribution centre from which all orders can be coordinated.

The company began its operations in 1973. On the first day, the company’s employees delivered 189 packages to 25 American cities using 14 Dassault Falcon jets. After several years of losses, the company begins to make a profit in 1976.

Smith’s dream of an internationally operating delivery service becomes a reality in 1985 when the first overseas flights to Europe take place, followed later by flights to the Middle East and Asia.

Acquisition of TNT

In August 2015, FedEx made a bid of approximately 4.4 billion euros for TNT. The acquisition of TNT was completed in May 2016. As a result of the acquisition, FedEx became the second-largest transportation company in Europe. FedEx acquired TNT because it wanted to expand in Europe. The combined company’s European headquarters are located in Amsterdam/Hoofddorp.

Do you think FedEx will succeed in further conquering the European market? If so, it may be wise to buy FedEx shares.

The rising and falling stock price

FedEx was able to benefit from the COVID-19 lockdowns and the start of the holidays in 2020. However, from 2021, the stock price has shown a clear downward trend. It is uncertain when the share price will start to rise again.

How is it possible that the FedEx share rose during the economic problems and global lockdowns? This is because people ordered many online products during the lockdowns. When the lockdowns ended, FedEx’s revenue declined again as people can buy their products in offline stores once again.

However, people will continue to shop online, which makes an investment in FedEx potentially interesting. Always research how the share performs compared to the competition.

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