How can you buy FedEx Corporation shares?

Almost everyone knows FedEx: this courier service operates mainly in America, but also delivers packages in other regions. With the further growth of e-commerce, FedEx can continue to deliver good results in the future. Would you like to invest in FedEx? You can! In this article we discuss where you can buy FedEx shares at an attractive price.

Where can you buy FedEx stocks?

If you want to buy FedEx shares for the long term, it is important to carefully analyse how the share price develops. Avoid investing a lot of money at the top!

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How can you invest in FedEx?

FedEx shares can fluctuate wildly: when people shop more online, FedEx’s profits can soar. You saw this, for example, during the various lockdowns during the corona pandemic. But what is the best way to actively invest in FedEx?

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What is the FedEx stock price?

Are you curious to see how the CFD FedEx stock price develops? In the chart below you can see immediately at what price you can buy & sell CFD FedEx shares.

About the FedEx company

The company FedEx Corporation, commonly known as FedEx for short, provides logistics and courier services. These services are offered via ground, sea and air. It also offers heavy freight services.

FedEx, a large international transport service provider, has four business units. FedEx Express is the business unit that transports packages and documents. FedEx Freight, FedEx Ground and FedEx Services are the company’s other three business units.

The most important market for this listed company, with shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, is America. Around two-thirds of its turnover is generated there. FedEx is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee.

FedEx stocks buy

The history of the company

The founder of this courier empire is Frederick W. Smith. During his studies at Yale, he wrote an essay about the good chances of success of a delivery service during the computer age. When Smith enlisted in the US Army in 1966, he learned a lot about how the military operates logistically.

In 1971, he founded the Federal Express Corporation. He did so in Little Rock, Arkansas. He aimed to establish an international delivery service. In time, the company should be able to deliver to all corners of the US.

Foundation of FedEx

The city of Memphis is chosen by Smith as his base of operations. He had a central distribution centre built there. From this distribution centre, all orders could be coordinated. Smith also wanted to have a number of trucks and his series of FedEx planes built.

The company begins operations in 1973. On the first day, the company’s employees deliver 189 packages to 25 American cities using 14 Dassault Falcon jets. After several loss-making years, the company starts to make a profit in 1976. Smith’s dream of an international delivery service came true in 1985. The first overseas flights to Europe took place, followed later by flights to the Middle East and Asia.

Takeover company TNT

In August 2015, FedEx made an offer of approximately EUR 4.4 billion for TNT. The TNT acquisition was completed in May 2016. The acquisition makes FedEx the second largest transportation company in Europe. TNT was acquired because of FedEx’s commitment to expand in Europe. The European headquarters of the combined company is in Amsterdam/Hoofddorp.

Do you think FedEx will succeed in further conquering the European market? In that case, it might be smart to buy FedEx shares.

The rising and falling share price

FedEx benefited from corona lockdowns and the start of the holiday season. In the three months to 30%, the company’s sales rose 19%. During this period, the stock price also rose significantly. However, from the second week of December 2020, the share price showed a clear downward trend. It is uncertain when the share price will rise again.

How is it that FedEx stocks have actually risen during the economic problems & global lockdowns? It’s because people were ordering more products online precisely because of the lockdowns. A delivery company like FedEx obviously benefits from this. When the lockdowns end, FedEx’s sales are likely to fall again as people will be able to buy their products from offline shops.

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