How can you invest in Irish shares?

Investing in Ireland certainly doesn't have to be a bad idea. Examples of well-known Irish companies are Tesco, Ryanair, and the Anglo Irish bank. Through online brokers, it is certainly possible to buy Irish stocks. But where can you do this most advantageously?

How can you invest in Irish stocks?

Ireland's best-known stocks are listed on the ISEQ20 index. Would you like to invest in Irish stocks or an EFT on the index? Then you need a broker.

Where can you trade cheaply in Irish stocks?

If you want to actively trade you can choose Plus500. This platform is designed for active trading in the price developments of stocks with CFDs. You then place orders on either rising or falling share prices. Would you like to try the possibilities without any risk by using a free demo? Use the button below to create an account:

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How can you buy stocks of Irish companies?

Would you rather buy Irish stocks for the long term? That is certainly possible! Thanks to the arrival of commission-free brokers, you often don’t even have to pay transaction fees on your investments in Ireland. An example of an advantageous broker is eToro. At eToro, you don't pay commissions when you buy Irish & English stocks. Use the button below to directly open a free account with this broker:

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Pay attention to the exchange rate

It is important to take the exchange rate into account when investing in Ireland. Irish stocks are listed in the English pound. Does the value of the English pound rise sharply against the euro? In this case, you can still make a loss even when share prices rise. When investing in Irish stocks, therefore, also pay close attention to price movements of the underlying currency.

The exchange rate can also improve or deteriorate a company's competitive position. For example, a company that exports many products may benefit from a cheap pound. They can then export cheaper products to countries that use a different currency.

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What to look out for when investing in Ireland?

It is of course strongly recommended to pay attention to the economic situation within Ireland. Ireland is often heavily dependent on the economic situation within the United Kingdom: it is therefore certainly advisable to keep a close eye on the situation there as well.

It is also important to pay attention to the taxes you pay as an investor in Ireland. A so-called stamp duty is often levied on Irish stocks. This amounts to 1% of the value of a share. The share price then has to rise considerably more to achieve a good return.

How can you invest in the Irish stock exchange?

The Irish stock market publishes several indices that allow you to track the country's economy. The most well-known index is the ISEQ 20 which contains the most traded shares. By buying an ETF on this index, you can invest in a diversified way on the stock exchange developments in the country.