How to buy Nestlé shares?

The Swiss multinational Nestlé is a company that processes food and beverages. This company is the largest food company in the world. The company’s headquarters are located in the Swiss town of Vévey, located in the canton of Vaud. Are you considering an investment in Nestlé? In this article you can read how best to buy Nestlé shares!

How to buy Nestlé shares?

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How can you actively invest in Nestlé?

Nestlé is a huge multinational with interests in all kinds of other companies. As an active speculator, you can continually respond to the latest news. For example, if the company takes over another party, you can immediately open an investment position on it.

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What is Nestlé’s stock price?

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Nestlé’s history

In 1886, the brothers George and Charles Page founded the Anglo-Swiss Milk Company. In the same year Henri Nestlé founded the company Farine Lactée Henri Nestlé. A merger of these companies in 1905 created Nestlé. At first, the company offered condensed milk and infant milk. Soon the company decided to expand the product line. In 1920, the company began producing chocolate. This is still one of the most important products of Nestlé.

The Second World War immediately had a negative impact on the company’s profits. For example, profits fell from $20 million in 1938 to $6 million in 1939. However, that was also the time when a successful product was brought to market. Nescafé was an important drink for the American soldiers. During the Second World War, the production of this new product increased. Even after the Second World War, the company managed to grow considerably.

buying Nestle sharesCompanies acquired by Nestlé

In the years after the Second World War, several companies were taken over. In 1947, Nestlé merged with Maggi, a company that makes soups and spices.  Other acquired companies include the British food production company Crosse & Blackwell (1950), the Swedish frozen food producer Findus (1963), and the Swiss manufacturer of canned food and beverages Libby’s (1971).

The company decided to start selling other food products as well. In 1974, the Swiss company Alcon was acquired. This is a global medical company that specializes in eye care products. Even after 1990, several companies were taken over. The period 1990-2011 was a period of international growth for Nestlé.

When Nestlé acquires another company, it is smart to consider what the impact of this will be on the company’s results. Do you think the acquisition will have a positive effect on Nestlé’s share price? Then it might be smart to buy the shares.

Nestlé’s product

What products are manufactured by Nestlé? Nestlé makes milk derivatives (such as milk powders), baby food, animal food, (instant) coffee, ice cream, chocolate, chocolate milk, cereals, yoghurt, pasta, spring water and broth.

Acquisition of Starbucks’ rights

In 2018, Nestlé paid $7.2 billion for the rights to Starbucks. From that moment on, the company could sell products under the Starbucks brand name. Following this deal Nestlé enters the retail market. Since the deal the company can sell Starbucks coffee outside the US. For example, Starbucks coffee can be sold in supermarkets and cafes. This acquisition will make the company an even bigger player in the coffee market.

Do you think this has been a good move? Then you can consider an investment in Nestlé.

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