How to buy Novavax shares?

Novavax is a relatively small Swiss company that could not be found on anyone’s radar for a long time. The company is listed on the  NASDAQ. Due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, the company is suddenly back in the spotlight. This is because the company is developing a vaccine against the well-known Coronavirus. On this page you can read where you can buy Novavax stocks. You will also find important information about the company before you invest in Novavax.

Where to buy Novavax stocks?

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Novavax and Coronavirus

The company is in the spotlight because it is developing a Coronavirus vaccine. No one knows if they will succeed, which makes investing in Novavax very speculative. In the short term, the price can develop as follows under the influence of the virus:

  • The virus is spreading faster than suspected; the price continues to rise.
  • The virus spreads more slowly than expected; the price falls or rises less.

In the longer term, the results will mainly depend on the outcome of the development. If Novavax succeeds in bringing a working vaccine to market, the share price will likely rise. If they fail, the price can collapse considerably.

Novavax price development

In 2015, the company was also in the spotlight. This was partly because Bill Gates made an amount of $89 million available to the company to invent a cure for Ebola. In addition, the company is also developing a medicine for the cold virus RSV. When one of these drugs comes onto the market, it could be beneficial for Novavax.

Past price developments

When we look at the graph with the price development of the past five years, we see a different picture. The price has fallen considerably. This is partly because there were many complications in the development of the virus for Ebola and RSV. Both drugs are not yet on the market, so no profit is achieved yet.


Novavax 5 yearsDo you want to speculate in the short term by buying Novavax stocks? If you do this right and get out at the right time, you can potentially achieve a good result. Do you want to invest in Novavax for the long term? Then you must also look closely at the fundamental aspects behind the Novavax company. The ‘corona hype’ alone is not enough to consider an investment in Novavax.

Why buying Novavax shares may be unwise

The problem with buying Novavax stocks because of the coronavirus is that this is not a good trade-off. Before a drug can be marketed, all kinds of tests must be performed. The chance that a vaccine will just hit the market is therefore unlikely.

If the corona vaccine is not allowed to be marketed, the stock price will fall sharply. Many investors are investing based on emotions during the Corona pandemic and, despite good prospects for NanoFlu, will be inclined to sell their shares quickly. This makes a long-term investment in Novavax very uncertain.


Yet, the Novavax share is absolutely not worthless. The company is working on NanoFlu, which is an experimental flu vaccine. If it succeeds to take away part of the market here, the company can still become very profitable. Sanofi is currently the biggest competitor for this market.

In the United States, between 21,000 and 61,000 people die each year from the flu, with most people being over the age of 65. A better flu medicine could save a lot of money and lives. When the drug does indeed work well, the company can take advantage of a market worth more than $4 billion.

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